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Nashville Live comes to Inverness

Having been to see and really enjoying this show last year I had no hesitation in buying tickets for this year’s performance. The line up of performers may have changed slightly but that did not compromise how good the show is. With the 830-seater theatre virtually a sell out it was all set for a great show. No matter where in the auditorium you sat, you were assured of a good view of the stage.

Musical Director and top-class musician Luke Thomas showed why he is again nominated in the Best Musician category in the BCMA awards this November and he also added another great performance on backing vocals.

The show is based on what a live radio broadcast would be like in Nashville and started with the cast on stage and holding a silent sign before the On-Air light was illuminated to which we were then encouraged to give a round of applause

Show announcer Lars Pluto then started the show with an explanation of what to expect with music from the bygone ages and infomercials as you would hear them on the radio shows. With the cast singing hits from the like of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Kenny Rodgers and many more the audience were treated to some remarkable performances from the cast. Although these guys were not described as attribute acts, they produced some very close to original acts sounds.

There was a 4-piece backing band consisting of Luke Thomas on guitar, banjo and backing vocals. Luke Barrett on drums, Dominik Told on upright base and electric base along with Jo Rochelle on keyboard and backing vocals.

The 4 main characters at the front of the stage were Lars (snake hips) Pluto acting as announcer along with vocals and playing guitar. The 1st of the females upfront was Lisa Evans along with fiddle player and vocalist Helena Gullan and the final frontman was Sam O’Hanlon on guitar and vocals. There were over 40 songs in the show and everyone of the front 4 had a brilliant part to play in the performance. Lars certainly stands out in the old-time country performances and I’m sure the ladies in the front row were nearly fainting when he swivelled his hips in his leather trousers. His performance as Johnny Cash made you think Cash was on stage. Helena was dancing around the stage playing the fiddle and was an exceptional talent who gave a great rendition of “Charlie Daniels” The Devil Went Down To Georgia. These two artists were equalled by the performances of Lisa and Sam. After a short break and a change of attire the cast came back on with some newer material e.g. Dixie Chicks, Shania and Dolly and Kenny. The Dixie Chicks track was performed by the 3 ladies and all 3 had superb voices. There was even a bluegrass number with all 8 musicians involved. The evening finished off with a standing ovation from the crowd and we were treated to an encore with an audience participation in the song “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”.

The infomercials used during the show were all light-hearted and a couple of them were actual ones from the era of radio commercials the show tried to cover.

All in all, a fantastic show again and I look forward to them touring the show again next year.

As Eden Court do not allow photographs to be taken in the theatre the images shown were taken by Nashville Live.

The cast having a selfie with the audience
Nashville Live in Inverness

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