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Gig Review inc full video set - Harriet Rose Headline show

Gig Review inc full video set - Harriet Rose Headline show

I have only seen Harriet once before, over ten months ago at an unsigned and unleashed gig, but that was solo; she blew me away at that gig, so I knew I had to be here tonight, with multiple people have recommended her to me I hosted her in one of my online writers rounds too, and she was just incredible on there defiantly one of the most prominent artists to watch in 2021and beyond

(all photos Videos and Writing by DC Brown Live )

I arrived at 7:15, ready for doors at 7:30. All ready, Harriet's local fans were already there in anticipation of what was going to be an incredible first night of two sold-out shows at record Junkie with promotors Modern Age Music, who are doing great things in UK Country and Roots music, and officially her debut full band show a quick catch up with Brandon from Modern age music host and few of her fans that I know from other gigs before we where getting let in groups of tables a quick scan of the check in-app. I was lead to my table front left, perfect for videoing the gig thanks to Brandon for putting me in a good spot as all ways as he knows about my videos and the fact I have a ticket to almost every one of their shows!

Once at the table, a quick set up my equipment and beer the whole time the room filling up nicely the excitement was building in present Covid times a whole band show is a rare thing, and it is a debut event more exciting

An hour and 1h10min breezed past, and it was on Toby Burton opening the show a local artist he played a mixture of keys and guitar with his hard-hitting and powerful vocal range and excellent collection of new and old songs all though all new to me a small joke about his songs not being so depressing with his full band it's only a short 30min set Toby Burton was finished a perfect warm-up.

After a 30min break, it was time for the main event. Harriet's set starting at 9:40 5mins before h, and her band came to the stage comprising of Bass player on the left, drums in the center, and Electric guitar player on the right; a quick instrument check then H plugged her in-ears in, and we were off

Starting with Trouble kicking off with chug of the bass and electric before short high hats rumble then H comes in with her excellent strumming matching the chugging of this track h vocals rising up to complement the route heading into the slowed-down section with h vocals fading away before the signature strumming of this track concluding with h powerhouse vocals come in and short electric slides it immediately feels like they have been together for years the steady chug continued with H vocals rinsing and the band complementing every moment track one was over. No brake drums kicking in for

its Disco, time another excellently worked full band track. I have only ever heard this track solo the band working this slightly slower track to perfection ¾ of the way through we a treated to an excellent solo and harmonies from the electric guitar too

on to Hey Barman, the Bluesy number of the set with more electric solos throughout were on to track four after quick chat from H thanking everyone for coming its

Bridges the slowest number so far but features dual harmonies from both the bass an electric players with H vocals rising to create emotion, especially in the breakdown.

Summer Boy, a raw emotional way played perfectly by the band matching emotion with blues notes to create an exceptional feeling at every moment

small talk the first and only time we witness H without a guitar for an epic blues funky number the fact that she is guitar less she still owns it on stage.

We're halfway through this epic gig h, and the band are ultimately owning the stage; it's time for the band to leave the stage for a song, and H to completely Rock It on her own it's paradise time. imagen paradise, the raw emotion H is giving off on stage. The room is absolutely silent. Everyone focused on the story off the track about losing her mum when she was young just wow.

Its was the Only the one track solo as the band has a lot more rocking all back on to stage all though there not back at their instruments all at their microphones h the only one rocking a guitar it looks like we're in for some harmonies all around but starting the electric guitar player whips out a harmonica to begin for just a few bars what incredible surprise it's just magical the full-on harmonize kick in "Fare Thee Well" ringing all round h rocking the guitar back to the beautiful harmonica sound jumping in and out h taking the lead on the vocals the boys backing her with more stunning harmonies it is like they have been together for years so tight track Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song) - Oscar Isaac, Marcus Mumford new to me and incredible and unexpected surprise.

Next, the rest of the band pick up their instruments all though the electric is still down it looks like wherein for more magical Harmonica Crying another real raw, very emotional track her vocals are perfectly in sync with the Harmonica the soft backing of the band adding to the emotion just wow H vocals wow its epic she then said that was the last of the sad songs.

she was right its Empire time the real fast pasted full on rocking country song crash outs where H vocals take the lead every one working at double tempo its breakdown time with an incredible solo he's having so much fun Harriet is about to come back in for the vocals returning but he is still full on solo mode so its round for a few more bars before the vocals are back in its all still running at double tempo I am trying to work out who's playing quickest but there all spot on with each other another crash to end and its give them a few moments to catch their breath that was speedy

now time for a slower song and singalong moment for an unlikely cover song to hear from a gig in this genera but she absolutely smashing it "Do You Believe In Life After love "complemented by stunning Harmonica playing and whole room is singing along Backing Vocals from the bass player add in that layer of incredibleness heading towards the end "I Don't Need You Any More "bring the whole room to sing along again It was a Cher Classic Believe.

Where heading in the final part of the show and I am buzzing in excitement as there few of H big hitters still to come Drive another full band epic song there so tight the backing vocals spot on and band breaks where h vocals take the lead

it's the singles time first up Love Me Like That starting with just the raw vocals of H with some excellent plucking before slow shaker kicking around before the full on band comes in the whole time leading up to this moment Why You Got To Love Me Like That the raw power vocals building to the beautiful moment later on where the band drop out to just let her vocals run the show cymbal fade away and we have been Harriet Rose Band.

time for the last song not that i ever want it to end we all know what's coming it's the debut single and smash hit Small Town Chains kicking off with a soft slowed down start build the anticipation its all most exactly the same speed as if running at full speed there are excellent bass and electric solos with slowed vocal fade away to end with short crowd laugh as they know what's about to happen its full on kicking in band every one clapping along h rocking that distinctive guitar riff show casing her skills backed by perfect electric guitar playing the whole place rocking for one final song crash to end but wait 2/3/4 and the entire band are back in for last rock out section just fall band action to finish every

one cheering for more more but after that 1hour + set full on band rocking its come back tomorrow if you want some more what a debut full band set!

Having watch H over the last 12months across live streams and having seen her only once in real life, it is incredible the way the band worked to bring her tracks to life. The band are so tight it is like they have been together for years the way the whole setlist was performed, starting strong and just building up with surprises throughout the entire set and the added Harmonica halfway through set and working of covers to bring those extra special moments the working of the Mumford and sons track was stunning the harmonies, but most importantly those originals sounding epic with the full band and her vocal ability is out of this world I can see her and the band taking over the UK and worldwide she is the future of the scene she has owned her craft over the last few years this lady is going far and it shows just by her future bookings

Set List 1. Trouble 2. Disco 3. Hey Barman 4. Bridges 5. Summer Boy 6. imagen paradise 7. Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song) - Oscar Isaac, Marcus Mumford 8. Crying 9. Empire 10. Cher Classic Believe 11. Drive 12. Love Me Like That 13. Small Town Chains

Catch Harriet and the band on tour up and down the country in October

tour info below full details on her site

Follow Harriet on

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