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Gig review Harriet Rose - Pizza Express live Nashville Meets London

Updated: May 28, 2022

Harriet rose is a UK artist that I have been following ever since hearing the first track Small Town Chains ; she is one of those artists that can hold a room on her own or with the band; the tone of her vocals and guitar playing are excellent,

tonight we were treated to the rare performance of the full band in London and what venue to be playing it's the 3rd night in a row I have been here at pizza express. I already knew this would probably be the highlight of the 3 nights, not even for tonight's headliner; jess and the bandits Harriet is one of my favorites just for style and uniqueness; every track is different and unpredictable.

(all photos Videos and Writing by DC Brown Live )

Quick pizza to eat before Harriets set, and I say quick I arrived late for me at 7:30 and finished it in time to set the camera in position for what was going to be a magical set 8:00 came round. Matt Spracklin gave a quick introduction mentioning a bit about the up-and-coming Nashville Meet London festival and how when they asked fans who should play Nashville meets London, Harriet was the most requested h then took to the stage with the first track

Hey Barman.

Kicking off with mid tempo tracks with a more bluesy feel to is with her guitarist providing the riffs and the steady perfection of the band so tight slight technical audio glitch but Harriet handled it like pro just carrying on checking with the sound man with a look to check its all ok track one hey barman over and amongst the applause there was no time for a break its straight in to the second track


the steady chugging of the band electric guitar acoustic guitar and bass all perfectly in sync there so tight 1m30 seconds later I don’t think everyone was prepared for what’s was about to happen track speed doubles the guitar playing speed of Harriet just perfect combined with the electric riff the smiles from everyone if the front row the speed dosen't let up for the rest of the track power full vocals shining though out the speed of her playing the that super electric riffs finishing with just with Harriets vocals and electric guitar and cymbals to end an even louder cheer and someone shouting yeah Harriet introduces her self as the Harriet rose band track 3 is upon us.


Harriet starting the track of with just her guitar playing and the prefect vocals before the super tight full band backing short breaks in the track to left her vocals take the the leading there is some more perfect electric playing before the breakdown of just her the vocals and guitars for bit Harriet turning round after this with big smile to the band and short jam with lead guitar player and more claps and sheers to end this track Harriet mentions where going to slow it down for the track

White Chair

this was to be my stand out moment of the set a story about how she wasn’t ready to let go of the family home yet where they have had to move out from the track features just Harriet accompanied by the stunning harmonica playing for her guitarist and short harmonic section and Harriets lyrics come in "you can pack all your thing in the back of your car" lyrics going back and fourth with that stunning harmonica playing the whole room in aw of the raw emotion going on in the room iv'e got major feels and the vocal range of Harriet going up and guitar playing getting more hard the lyrics "for your selfish need just" wow the harmonic playing still perfection there so much emotion going round the room and Harriet is pouring her hart out there's tear rolling down her cheek you can clearly see that is song means a lot to her and at this point the guitar is softer and the lyrics "I wouldn’t understand why " has me in bits this some real raw emotion the playing is getting even softer to end the track and wow what incredible almost 6mins a lots of clapping and wow from people a slight turn away from Harriet to wipe the tears of her cheek and small laugh its on to track 4

Summer Boy

another slowed down one but with the full band full on blues vibes coming on this one soft playing of the drumming and more shining moments for Harriets vocals that’s the slow songs over its on to the next


with fast paced pasted full on rocking country song crash outs where H vocals take the lead every one working at double tempo its breakdown time with an incredible solo he's having so much fun and few crashes to finish and people this its over the words boy we sound good from her drummer and people think is over people start clapping but its straight back in with the fast paces full band the speed of there playing is just outstanding and so tight no break for anyone is straight into the next


another full band epic song there so tight the backing vocals spot on the harmonies from both the guitarist and bass player and band breaks where h vocals take the lead and just incredible A quick glance at her watch, and it was time for the last song.

Small Town Chains

the debut single and smash hit Small Town Chains kick off with a soft, slowed, down start to build the anticipation; it all almost exactly the same speed as if running at full speed; there are excellent bass and electric solos with slowed vocal fade away to end not sure everyone is prepared for what's about to happen its full-on kicking in with the band rocking that distinctive guitar riff showcasing her skills backed by perfect electric guitar playing the smiles between all the band members them looking at each other rocking

that was hands down the best set I've seen this year and seen a lot of music talking to people in the break about how good that set was and people and never seen her before she has certainly gained a few new fans Harriet is so good just waiting for the next moment I get to catch her live she going to be the next break out artist going places big time watch this space for the new music coming very soon i am super excited for what the future will bring for Harriet.

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Renato Carrara
Renato Carrara
May 28, 2022

You rock! Thank you for all your hard work and this brilliant review!


Malcolm Hall
Malcolm Hall
May 27, 2022

Wow ! That's quite a review! H's Fan Group are incredibly proud to support H and the band.The future for Harriet Rose is very bright indeed.

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