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Welcome to Forever British Country.

We are fans of the genre and wanted to get involved and help promote it. So this is our way of supporting our British artists.  We give them an extra platform with the podcasts to showcase their music and we have branched out into all areas of social media, Spotify and youtube to try and get their music to a wider audience.



Anthony Alker.jpg

Anthony Alker


I'm Anthony, I live in Lancashire. My love of country music started in 2013 when I went to work on a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I first got into British country when I went to FSA (Fort San Antone) for a 4th July party they had planned, and until then I hadn't realised how much of a great country scene we have over here. I got involved in FBC when Keren had mentioned about there being no just British country facebook groups, so we started this one.

Keren Morrell.jpg

Keren Morrall


I am a British country music fan. I live in Rugeley, Staffordshire with my husband Ian. I have 2 sons Mark and Oliver, a daughter Ellie and 3 grand-daughters and 2 grandsons. Oliver is the drummer in country rock band Darcy. By day I am a nursing assistant in a hospital working on A&E and assisting in Ultrasound and various clinics. In my spare time I sing professionally in pubs clubs and nursing homes. I have also got facebook group 'Forever British Country' off the ground after Anthony created it. It is exclusively for British country artists and fans. My husband and I go to as many gigs and festivals as our work committments allow and enjoy socializing with artists, bands and other fans.

Ian Morrell.jpg

Ian Morrall


Hi, I'm Ian. Husband to Keren and responsible for introducing her to country music when we met in the 90's. I was introduced to country music through the Barbara Mandrell show that was aired on the BBC and some of my favourite artists are Highway 101, Martina McBride & Chris LeDoux. I used to deliver beer to Fort San Antone in the 90's and we saw the Cheap Seats there a few times. We met Raintown at the fort on our wedding anniversary in 2013 and we have been hooked on British country ever since.

John Hands-2.jpg

John Hands


Hello everyone, My name is John Hands and I Live in Buckshaw Village. My love of country music is all thanks to Anthony, who after working in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Came home and said ''ere John listen to this, it's Luke Bryan, after that I was hooked and my love of country music has grown since from the USA to our rapidly growing UK country music scene. During the day I'm a warehouse operative in the print management sector. I have been to C2C festival twice, but much prefer a more intimate gig where you can get up close and personal with the artists. But to be truthful, my first visit to the 2017 Buckle and Boots festival was by far my favorite and am looking forward to 2018 festival already. My favourite UK artists are Frankie Davies, Lisa Wright and Jade Helliwell.


Doddie Munro


Doddie Munro from Forres in the north of Scotland. 


I've recently taken VERY early retirement after working in the drinks industry for almost 38 years. After working shifts for most of that time, I'm now able to follow my passion for Country Music. Most of the gigs I get to mean a bit of travel for me as they are usually down in the central belt (Glasgow area).


I've made a lot of new friends within the UK country scene and love the camaraderie involved within the country family. 


I often take video's at gigs with the permission of the acts and I hope I can help promote the acts in any way I can. 


Rachel Sellick


Hey!! My name is Rachel and I am so excited to be working with Forever British Country. I am currently mid-way through my PhD in Neuroscience, and whilst my full-time job has a major focus on research and science, I could not get through the day without listening to country music.  I began listening to country music about 7 years ago. They were playing Rascal Flatts in the Church I was attending at the time and immediately fell in love with their style. From then, I found Carrie Underwood and was ecstatic when I realised she was coming to London – this was the first ever Country2Country Music Festival.


Music is more than just a sound to me, it is about the lyrical content and how it makes me feel. I think that’s why I resonate with country music so much. I love the sound but I also love getting lost in the stories that artists create with their music. From the moment I stepped foot into the UK country music scene, I have loved every moment, watching the UK scene grow. In 2019, I started my own management company, and have been fortunate to work with many UK, European and US artists, touring across the globe. I now run Scarlet River PR, a UK-based PR company.

This is why I wanted to work with Forever British Country. They have an incredible motivation for ensuring the success of UK artists and only want the best for them. They are an incredibly heartfelt and friendly group of people and only have more success to achieve in the future.


Edward Whytock


I’m Edward.  I live near Stockport, Cheshire. My love for country music began 5 years ago  (in 2014) when I attended a gig in Manchester headlined by Emma Stevens. Emma’s support was new to the scene as a country artist whose voice was just incredible, Jess Roberts. Since then I have attended Buckle & Boots country festival each year and attended so many country music gigs in Manchester…literally too many to name now!

I joined the fabulous team of Forever British Country whilst I was at the 2019 FSA Country Music Festival in Newark as an independent official photographers. Keren approached me and asked if I would like to join the team – it was a no-brainer!


My passion for photography really took off when I began studying for an Advanced Diploma in Photography which I managed to do from home with an online course. It taught me so much more about the technical and artistic side of photography. Having the chance to capture the artiste’s moment in the limelight gives me a real buzz and although photographing these events is hard work I absolutely love it and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Elliott Joseph.jpg

Elliott Joseph


Elliott Joseph is originally from the south coast of England. A Songwriter & Musician who speaks from the heart on travel, friendships and the adventures of life with a musicality that hales from the roots of the Celtic Folk Rock from England & Ireland and the Country Rock from the USA 

With his 5 piece band, EJ's presence creates an energy that flows from the stage as performers and audience alike go on a captivating journey, lead by foot stomping country guitar licks, soaring Irish fiddle melodies, and soulful rock vocals.


With an air of Celtic inspiration, his 2018 EP entitled "Wild Atlantic Heart" was a soundtrack of enriched stories, and nothing but pure, honest writing of travel, life and love. The brand new record, entitled "Band Of Outsiders" is a beautifully detailed record, with a progressed Celtic Rock and country movement, and nothing but feel good, upbeat songs. 


EJ has set the stage for a twist on the way country and folk music is portrayed, crossing borders with an originality that can only be described as a writers journey to being honest in the portrayal of ones self and heritage, whilst intertwining that which truly inspires. 


Having released his brand new single "While We're Young" as a precurser to the upcoming record, and winning 2nd place in Portsmouths Original Artist of the Year, in addition to hosting mulitple live shows throughout 2019, Joseph continues to impress with songs that touch the soul and can be adopted for a life soundtrack at any time.

Charlotte West.jpg

Charlotte West


I’ve always had a liking for country music, as a child, I can remember listening to Crystal Gayle cd’s that my Grandma had.


In March 2013 I went to see Emma Stevens in Manchester & I first met Gary Quinn. He soon started to pop up as a regular artist at some gigs I attended & I found out about Buckle & Boots, which I first attended in 2017. Since then my love for country music has grown & grown.


We have so many fabulous British artists & I can’t wait to help spread the word as part of the FBC team.

phillip bent.jpg

Philip Bent

Facebook Admin

I've been into country music all my life, my father got me into the scene by singing cowboy songs to me as a baby, I new Marty robbins cowboy songs off by heart by the age of 2. My first gig attended was emmylou Harris in 1978,, I only discovered British country music a couple of years ago when I discovered Gullivers in Manchester, since then I have attend every gig I can.

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