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Celtic Connections Welcomes The Wandering Hearts

The Wandering Hearts @ Celtic Connections.

Celtic Connections festival runs in Glasgow runs from January 16th until February 2nd this year in various venues all over Glasgow highlighting all types of music, film, theatre and talks from all over the world.

The Wandering Hearts were invited to take their music to Glasgow, a place where they seem to love. They sold out the show at Oran Mor and boy did they deliver by putting on what proved to be a fantastic show.

The support act was a local act new to me, Zoe Graham. Zoe’s music has a very electric feel to it and with her use of multiple pedals, keyboard/ synth and guitar. Although not country orientated, she managed to slip a country song into her set. Also, with it being a Celtic Connections gig she had one of her own songs “Hacket And Knackered”.

The Wandering Hearts came on stage to a rousing reception from a very appreciative Glasgow crowd the band playing an intro for Fire And Water which was the start of a full nights entertainment and a set full of their songs while during the set they discussed some of the tracks and told us that there should be a new album coming soon.

As they have been busy preparing the album, we were lucky to hear a few of the new tracks and it was the first time some of these had been done live.

I’m not one for publishing set lists and as they are about to start a nationwide tour I’m not going to change that as some people can get a wee bit tetchy if a song played in one venue and is not played when they get to the next stop on the tour but all I will say the new material is fantastic. They treated us to 3 of the new songs and one of them in particular really appealed to me. I really do love all their music but there are a few songs which seem to just stick in my mind that little bit more. The harmonies from the band are just so haunting in some of the tracks especially in “If I Fall”.

Just listening to Tara, Chess and AJ when they do an acoustic number showcases their brilliant talent and versatility and then with the backing of their band it shows what Marty Stuart liked in them when he took them to America.

Having a chat with them at the end was the 1st time I had really had the chance to spend time with them and they were absolutely brilliant to chat with.

As I mentioned before they are about to start a UK tour so if you get the chance to see them, I would highly recommend buying a ticket.

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