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Live In The Living Room ‘Saturday Night Music Club’

Saturday 3/8/19 saw the 1st visit to Glasgow of James Vince’s Live in the Living Room Saturday Night Music Club with 4 artists, David Latto, Scott Ashworth, Simon James and Elaine Lennon. 3 of these acts have done an in the round session together before and the newbie in Scott Ashworth was a welcome addition.

James introduced the 4 to the crowd who attended the venue at The Glad Café before they started a nice songwriter’s in the round session. Unfortunately, the lighting in the venue is not really great for photos which give us a very red hue on camera.

David who hails from Fife was first up and after a quick explanation of how an in the round session works gave us the 1st of his many own tracks. The guitar playing and storytelling in each and every song performed on the night was a credit to all these very talented songwriters. David is in the process of recording new music and hopes it will be out soon.

Scott who is from Denny near Stirling is ex-military and was also part of the military music section and a few of his songs relate to the life of these brave guys who protect us either on home land or further afield. Some of the songs more than struck a chord with a few of the audience and a few eyes were being wiped throughout the night.

Simon James who I’m sure is well known to a lot of us was next to showcase his songwriting prowess and entertained us all with his story lines and explanations of his songs. A lot of Simon's music on the night came from personal experiences of either his family or friends but like the 2 previous guys was very entertaining. Simon gave us a taste of the music on his latest album “Happy Ever After” and I would recommend a listen to that.

Last but not least was the lovely Elaine who at the moment is carrying a nasty injury from when she took the women’s football world cup to heart and got involved having a kick about in the garden with her sons. Although Elaine was on crutches, she managed to make it on the night.

Being quite new to the live performance scene she is in the process of recording her 1st EP/Album which we hope might be out by the end of the year. I really love this lady’s music and await the albums appearance. She has also done a co-write with my great friends Raintown and after a few tweaks I await the performance of the finished article. Having worked with them before Elaine also supplied harmonies for songs from both David and Simon.

Each artist did 6 songs over the evening and after James Vince had thanked them all we were treated to a lovely version of “Take Me Home Country Roads” and a wee bit of audience participation was encouraged. This was James’s first trip north and it looks like we might get another visit at some time with this show.

This was a great show and that was reflected by the standing ovation the 4 artists received at the end of the night.

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