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Review of Wolverhampton Country Night

Photos by Ian Morrall for Forever British Country

Our evening started with local guy Matt Sayers who has played at a Wolverhampton Country Night a couple of times and is always very popular with the crowd. Matt writes and sings beautiful ballads. His voice perfectly matches the type of songs he writes. I enjoyed his set and so did the crowd who were listening intently to every word.

Next up was newcomer to the scene Andy Hughes. He is from Burton-on-Trent and I really enjoyed his set especially the song where he is having a conversation with god about letting him through the pearly gates. Brilliant.

Andy also introduced us to Sam Shemmell who has his first solo gig in a few weeks. He came up and sang a song with Andy and I loved it. He didn't harmonise the chorus just sang the melody with Andy and it really worked. He also did a song of his own which was great and Sam has a very distinctive voice which I also loved.

Stevie O'Connor closed the show for us. He is a relative newcomer that has taken the UK country music scene by storm. There is a definite buzz about him. Apart from seeing him perform 2 songs for an acoustic session this was the first time I had seen Stevie perform. He is another with a very distinct voice. People have said he is a very emotional singer and they are right. He put his heart and soul into his performance.

The next Wolverhampton Country Night is Saturday 29th September and I can't wait. Jim Duncan and Patricia Swindells do such a fabulous job organising this event every month and it continues to grow.

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