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The Angels With Dirty Faces & Emily Lockett - Bell & Bottle 3/3/18

Last night was one of those nights that I will remember for a long time.

We arrived at The Bell & Bottle in Hednesford early as it is a small but very friendly venue and we wanted to get a good seat. It really does help when you have a landlady who loves country music. This venue is listed in our FBC Classifieds Directory if you want somewhere to play in Staffordshire.

The evening opened with a young lady who we have never seen before. Her name is Emily Lockett and I really enjoyed her set. She is a singer/songwriter from Stoke-On-Trent.

Emily is a confident performer. I liked her songs very much and she has a beautiful voice. I look forward to seeing her again which I am sure won't be too long as she is local.

After a short interval our Angels came onto the stage. Its week 4 of our Angels marathon and quite honestly I am going to miss them next week. Even though we will be occupied at C2C.

No introduction necessary and the first note and simultaneous powerful harmonies had everyone turning round in amazement. This band is so tight they make the Zac Brown Band look sloppy lol.

We heard their new single plus all our favourites and a couple of fantastic covers.

There is some exciting news to come from this band over the next few months so keep your ears and eyes open.

Also great to be joined by friends and fellow admin. Thank you Sue Ball for having our Angels even though they have dirty faces in your pub.

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