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Square One - Gullivers, Manchester - 13/2/18

My latest gig was my first time seeing Square One, the venue was Gullivers, Manchester, the gig was poorly attended which is becoming the norm for a Tuesday country gig in Manchester, which was a shame as there were 3 great artists on.

Simon James and his band opened and performed a number of songs from his latest album plus a couple of new, recently recorded songs.

Next was singer songwriter Robbie Cavanagh accompanied by a bass guitar and a pedal steel, this was the first time I had seen him with this set up. I really enjoyed this sound, his songs were mainly from his last album.

Next were the headline act Square One. This was my first time seeing them, so I was unsure of what to expect, as they said themselves they are on the heavier, more rocky side. If you like the more traditional side this group is not for you, if you're more into the rockier side you won't be disappointed.

Their set comprised of songs from their debut album plus a couple off new ones, as a none instrument playing fan they seemed very tight.

All in all a great night of modern country and if that's your thing I highly recommend it.

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