Review: Single 'Hard Time' by Sam Coe


Being a rock chick before I fell in love with country music, this song appeals to me in spades. It

has a real gutsy, bluesy guitar riff throughout and keys that have a 60's vibe about them.

Sam's vocal is unmistakable though. That gorgeous tone gives a gritty song that little bit of sweetness. The range and power in Sam's voice should never be underestimated as 'Hard Time' shows off her vocal ability like no song ever has done before.

'Hard Time' is taking Sam in a totally different direction from where she has been before and I personally cannot wait to hear the other songs that will accompany this one on her upcoming debut album due by the end of 2019.

Pre - Order available from 23rd August

Available for download/streaming on 6th September

The album launch gig will be held in Norwich, Norfolk on 28th November.


‘I think you might have just killed the pretty cowgirl’ - Rudie Hayes (Creative Director at Jorvic Radio, Presenter at Horseshoe Lounge Radio Show)

Redefining British Country Music, Sam Coe sheds a new light on the musty, tinged world of traditional country. Her new music is raw, gritty and honest. 

Following previous critical acclamation and success as both a solo artist and with her band, The Long Shadows, 2019 sees Sam Coe heading in a fresh musical direction.

Ready to start a new UK Country scene that draws upon, rather than tries to replicate, the American scene we know and love, Sam wanted to embrace being an unashamed British artist, and bring some sincerity and soul to the UK industry. Heading back into the studio, she began recording her debut solo album under label GingerDog Records. Influenced by the sound of throw-back instrumentation like the Fender Rhodes, the new record is heavily piano driven, while combining tremolo guitars, hammond organ and her beloved Gibson with an emotional and raw vocal.

Influenced by artists such as Brandi Carlisle, Margo Price, Larkin Poe, First Aid Kit, Bonnie Raitt, Patty Griffin and Emmylou Harris, Sam’s songwriting reflects 33 years of what feels like struggling to achieve the next step both personally and musically and striving to leave her mark on the world. ‘If you get to the end of the line and look back, I would hate to feel like I had any regrets - have fun, chase every adventure, leave your legacy.’

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