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EP Review - Where I Belong - Adele & Andy

Adele & Andy a new UK Duo that have come to my eye since the lockdown have only heard them online I was really looking forward to checking out this EP Adele's Voice just wow combined with Andy Guitar skills

Misty Eyes starts off with Rocking eclectic guitar slide continuing on with that perfect timed band backing coming dropping down into just backing and snare and hats with Adele's vocal taking charge phrase at the end of this section Misty …. Eyes creating s stunning vocal run leading in the full band coming back in with yet sliding guitar and some gorgeous harmonies for the words repeated eyes eyes eyes for stunning effect leading on to another break out section with more of that perfect sliding guitar section dropping back in just the snare and hit hat for a bit with the vocals leading us up to the next section the word "used" have one of Adeles stunning vocal runs where the electric backing comes back in for more of that full band sound that is just fit perfectly with the track more super runs from adele and the keyword "eyes eyes" with a super vocal run and harmonies leading up the big solo section I could easily see Andy shredding it drop straight and fastback it more of those outstanding lyrics placed with more perfect backing still couniting on the super vocal runs eyes eyes eyes end the vocal and leaving just the full band with that incredible solo eclectic sliding a way to end the track with fade out

Echos of the forest kick straight in with snare roll with simple but effective and perfect drums kick and bass backing before short strumming section then Adele's outstanding vocals come in ("The Voice of An Angel") for a few bars we are just treated to just Adeles vocals leading the way the band backing perfect with just the accessional strum its all leading into double drum section to raise in to the next section Adeles vocals are just outstanding that incredibly simple but super effective backing with added bass lines just creating some real feels in this track continuing on with some excellently placed blues riffs leading and pedal steel sounds leading up to the breakdown of just the kick and bass drum on its own with Adele's vocals taking control there key words in this section Control and soul where Adele creates some incredible vocal runs with yet more perfectly placed short strum stabs Before is all kicks back in with some super blues riffs and pedal steel moments leading up to the key lyrics of this track echoes of the forest the first word echoes featuring a stunning vocal run the phrase repeated twice for outstanding effect leading out to a short break out section with section where the electric takes the lead matching the vocal that have just preceded it perfectly before we come to the end of the track where we have two more outstanding vocal runs echoes the second one ending the track with just Adeles voice leading the end and a short fade away from the band finishing off

Where I Belong kicks off with real raw blues vibe with some super extend blues notes before we a treated to Adele's stunning vocals coming in backed by the blue riffs and some add bass for a few bars before the stunning and perfect drums come smashing in with some outstanding blues backing working incredibly well give this an incredible sound the word life featuring another phenomenal vocal run complemented by the next section "Feeling alive agin "some stunning harmonies continuing on with more of that perfect blues back and superb bass parts end this section with another stunning and long vocal run with the word long dropping her vocals out the just the bare backing of the drum percussion leading the way for incredible solo section after more of Adele's sweet vocals come back in with lower backing of the band building up to heavier full band but first the word "last" has another vocal run leading in to this section the words "feeling alive agin" have that stunning harmony sound and few other words too concluding into another vocal run from Adele "where I belong ……. "heading in to short break down with a few solo's in the back ground then Adele's vocals jump back in for a short softer section laced with more perfect blues backing before those stunning vocals come back in with harmonies to create real emotion and feel in this track finishing up with another stunning vocal run to end with band drifting out with a lovely drum out

No More Good byes kick off with an acoustic vibe but still rocking with some excellent pedal steel backing and banjo to complement Adele soft and stunning vocals in this section backed with some perfect bass and the accsounal kick hit before the soft band backing comes in full swing kick snares and drums hats and long pedal stell runs and even some piano just creating real emtion building vocal runs on the phrase "shining light" & "its got to be" & all so" good bye with the last one extended for superb effect dropping down to just the snare and bass back mix in with soft peal steel and banjo mix in with adele super smooth and stunning vocals with her vocals building the track back in to the full band backing pedal steel , banjo the lots with some excellent short vocal runs moving on to the paino taking the lead of the track with Adele's vocals mixed in incredibly well both complementing each other "its got to be and its good bye creating another breath-takingly long vocal run dropping in the adele creatina real emotional section where the band slowly drops a way with the lyrics "I can't fight the feeling any more I have my bags and I am walking out the door just tell me how you feel "creating some stunning emtioal moment which is then super seed my just some soft stunniming and adele completely solo you could be my romieo and ill be your Juliet walk along the sea front I am gonna be all right "wow what a monet in the track the builds backing in the softer edge of the full band featuring that stunning paino sound.

"goodbye goodbye goodbye ringing round and round with those stunning vocal runs with short fade out of the band.

The Whole EP is a stunning piece of art with adeles vocals just perfect with the little vocal runs, right the way through to the astonishingly stunning long vocal runs Voice of An Angel in my eye her tone and grace at all the right moments making some incredibly emotional moments in track backed by some more stunning electric sections andy will be shredding. every track in the EP has an incredible story to tell its impossible to pick a favorite; this is possibly one of my favourite release of all time it's just so good in every way, surely a number one in an instant

pre-order via the iTunes Store & Pre-save on Spotify.

Release: Friday 26th February.

Connect with Adele & Andy on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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