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Week 20 of my ramblings and still we are getting some brilliant music streams to watch which is great credit to all our amazing artists.

Monday saw the first of 2 streams this week from Jade Helliwell who tonight replaced her Thursday night missing stream which had not worked on Facebook as planned the previous Thursday. Jade really has made the most of these livestreams by drawing in a lot more fans and it is easy to understand why, with her own music old and new along with her ability to take others songs and put her own stamp on them. This is always helped with the witty banter from Luke. Chris Logan and Chantelle McAteer aka The Rising took the music of Taylor Swift and put their own stamp on it this week and showed Taylors progression through the years and her transition from country to more of a pop artist.

Tuesday night proved to be an extremely late night for me as being unable to watch the livestreams from Robyn Taylor and the usual Tuesday night from SaraBeth and Glen, I sat and played them later on into the evening. SaraBeth and Glen had hit the road and their stream came from their tour with the help of some of their friends who had all the right equipment. This was still of the usual high standard and we even got a song from their friend Tori Allen. Robyn Taylor took the music of tv presenter and entertainer Jane McDonald and even endured a technical hitch which meant starting a 2nd part of the stream but being the ultimate professional she is it didn’t bother her and she continued to do what she does best. Music and singing of a very high standard.

Wednesday saw the weekly stream from Alan West and as I always say, If you want to hear old style country this is a stream that is more than worth watching as Alan takes a lot of old classics for us to hear. Elaine Lennon was back with her The Homebird Sessions and this week was joined by another Scottish singer songwriter Yvonne Lyon. For people who are interested in how the songs are created streams like these are ideal and we also hear a song or two from Elaine and her guests. After the main stream there is usually a QandA session. Emilia Quinn showcased her own music on Live Country Sessions and again you the self-penned songs from her are full of grit and determination.

Jade was back again with her normal Thursday gig and she has been an ever present over the 20 weeks without a week missed unless it was due to tech issues like last week. People just love the banter between her, and Luke and I don’t know who is the biggest wind up merchant. It was also good to see Luke take a joint vocal lead on their cover of Lady A’s track Need You Now. Southern Halo took to the floor with a selection of their own music old and new. Nata and Tinka are just like the title of one of their songs as they just ooze Sunshine in their performances and again as I have said before they are long overdue a revisit to the Uk. I think by now you may have gathered I have really enjoyed the streams from American band Lockeland. These guys harmonies are at the top of the tree and this stream was no different. From their hit Till The Cows Come Home to their latest Made For Mornings they just seem to get better each time I hear them. One of the songs they did tonight was a song I had never heard them sing before and was based on a personal experience within the family of lead singer Kyndon. If you get the chance to listen to These Hands just be wary of the emotions withing the lyrics.

Lock Down Buddies had a cracking stream from Keith McLeod. Keith is based in the far north of Scotland and his songwriting and singing keep you enthralled during his set. With a variety of covers from the likes of Garth Brooks and The Everly Brothers and others that had proved to be an influence and inspiration to him since coming into music. I particularly like his cover of Holding Things Together which I knew as a Merle Haggard track many years ago. Well 20 Fridays down and not a blip in form from the remarkable Kezia Gill. This week was a look back over the 19 previous weeks, picking a song from each week and a 20th song selected by Lloyd her husband. The track he had originally picked ended up as one of Kezias choices so that made him have a rethink. During the set it emerged that Kezia had taken ownership of her late dad’s 1st guitar and well there was only one song to play on it wasn’t there. Local Mans Star is the song Kezia wrote for him and it will forever be a lasting memory of her dad.

Due to other commitments on Saturday I only had the chance to catch a fantastic stream from a musician that really is one of the best male singers in the Uk Mr Stevie O’connor. His country twang just makes you want to get up and jig around the room. One of his songs written to commemorate a very young family friend is called Willow and boy does that get the emotions going and this time he dedicated it to the late Mary Hill, a great friend of many fan and artist who sadly is no longer with us. Stevie also hinted of new music coming out in October so please keep an eye out for that.

Sunday afternoon saw the delightful Laura Oakes cover the music of a few Men Of Country and she put her own spin on these and with tracks from through the ages from the likes of Cash through to Tim McGraw this was an exceptional 40 minutes of music. Again, I can’t fail to say how underrated I feel Laura is and I for one will forever try my best to get her music pushed along. Laura has been on the go a while now but there is a relatively new girl on the block in Megan Louise, although not doing a live stream it was fantastic to get a little catch up with Megan tonight as it was her 18th birthday and we I’m sure we all wish her many happy returns. It was surprising to hear during a late night stream that Jessica Lynn had been without power for a few days due to storms in their area but it was also great to see her again and it is a year since I last saw her live in the UK.

Just before I end up for this week, I have already mentioned that Megan Louise has had a birthday, but I can’t fail to say a very happy birthday today to Chris Logan of The Rising.

Until next time please stay safe and well.

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