A Look Back At My Year - 2017

When 2017 started Anthony and myself were in the throws of getting our podcasts off the ground. Equipment was purchased and a lot of messages went back and forth firstly to artists that I knew and then branching out to artists that I didn't. I knew Anthony had been to uni and covered everything we would need to set the wheels in motion.

We got a positive response from everyone and within 2 months of the idea being raised we had recorded and released our first Forever British Country Podcast. I was thrilled and excited that it turned out so well and it has lead to a good firm friendship with Anthony who is very computer savvy and is teaching me lots of computer skills.

The podcasts have since lead me to try other things.

Who would have thought that I would be interviewing artists and musicians?.

Who would have thought that somebody would want to interview me live on the radio?

We have travelled the country to see the bands we follow and stayed in some nice hotels and we have stayed in some shocking ones too. If I could afford to go and see a band every weekend I would.

We have camped at some fabulous festivals too. Spent time with our country family and friends, made new friends along the way and discovered new music.

I am just wondering how many hours I have sat at my computer messaging and organising stuff. Sharing articles and events. What would I do without copy and paste?

This has turned into a full time Hobby. Not that I am complaining because I love it. Every second of it.

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