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Single Review : Emilia Quinn - T.O.T.M Surprise Single

Emilia Quinn announces surprise single T.O.T.M. this song is an acoustic live track release as surprised single-ish as there were a few hints from some one and then seeing the track name on..... and having heard it on a few live streams, I just had to write a review for this one! it was slightly harder to review as I had to time travel to put the review out at the same time as the single comes out in the U.K. if you know how! and all so I Can't relate as you will find out but the delivery and lyrical structure are just incredible, so it needed a late-night review ish UK Time.

T.O.T.M. Kicks with a short strum section be fore the short spoken section

"So if can you guess what this one's about"

Bang and where straight in the hard-hitting guitar riff perfectly backing the speed and pace of the is song "shit its Monday morning never bed sheets are a mess. I swear. I am grateful because I am ready for Kids, Yet the damn it. Where's the coffee and a hot water bottle too, and is it time to get back in bed? is a nearly through I'm sorry if I have an attitude. This morning going so great. Just leaving in a corner and throw some candy bars away hey hey ." with the key end of phrases having short vocal runs with Hey repeated for effect leading into short guitar riff section before leading to the second verse

"Now i Love Being A woman The this is one week once a month and I really just Don't Want and all I'm seeing is red in the restroom is always engaged. I just might buy somebody's head off if they look at me the wrong way and I'm sorry for complaining think it's helping ease pain. If you don't have this problem, then you don't get a say Hey Hey "this section vocally and acoustically, much like the first section perfect vocals with short vocal runs to hight light the key lyrics enhancing track and that excellent vocal run on the end Hey Hey "

"dam, this is a period Of my life I could do it out. Well, I guess you just Nature's way of saying you're cool for another month And I know when it's over I probably want it back. They surely say worse than a hot flush" This part with an excellent vocal run on Hot Flush "

Leading into another short guitar only section perfectly fitting the speed and tempo of the track and giving you time to take in the last set of lyrics

"I'm just gonna crawl in the bed with one in a box of tissues. I'm not usually crazy. But right now I got some issues. I'm gonna cry it out and re-watch Friends episodes. And if you say the wrong thing to me, I can't help it if I explode I'm counting down the days till I can wear my white denim jeans, but for now, I'll say you sweat pants down the still a beauty queen Hey Hey "Queen and Hey Hey with more excellent shot vocal runs perfectly fitting the track

"Well this is a period Of my life I could do it out I guess it's just Nature's way of saying cool for another Month and I know it is over I probably wan't it back but surely this aint worse and a hot flush . Hey hey yeah yeah hey hey ow ow ow ouch ouch" with some super vocal runs to end the track.

But I has anybody got tampon.

T.O.T.M. I is an excellent lyrical track with really well-crafted words with short vocal runs to enhance the keywords and phrases. Longer vocal runs at the end of each Verse with perfection acoustic guitar playing matching the lyrics with the strumming. another incredible release from one the most creative and hard working artists in the industry one that is going to be huge

T.O.T.M. is out now on all streaming platforms and stores as of about 10 seconds ago grab your copy now

Emilia Quinn is an awarding winning Americana/Alt. country singer-songwriter based in Leeds winning best EP at the UKCMSA awards for Second EP Fire Cracker she has an incredible vocal range and excellent guitar skills and is incredibly hard working independent artist

Emilia Quinn

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