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Single Review - Stevie Daniels - Western Outlaws

Stevie Daniel's a new artist I have found during lockdown with that really excellent old outlaw country voice and sound.

Western outlaws start with some perfect strumming with sudden crash kicking Stevie's excellent outlaw country voice backed by perfect electric guitar riffs and simple but effective drums and snare with Stevie's lyrics telling the story of Jessie James late one night out on the dusty road with an excellent instrumental break before more of the story of linked around Jessie James kicks in concluding with another instrumental section backed by a lovely blues solo running in the background before more of the stories linked around Jessie James continues about him being a badass since birth all complemented by that perfectly timed drums and high hats with some excellent electric guitar work complementing the section before another perfect instrumental to finish the track an outstanding guitar solo.

The whole track has that real outlaw country vibe perfectly, telling the story of Jesse James and more American outlaw, bank and train robber. The backing and percussion are perfectly timed with some excellent guitar solos and prefect electric guitar running through complementing Stevies outlaw country voice.

Western Outlaw is the lead single taken from his forthcoming EP Quick Draw.

pre-order now Western outlaws now track released 23rd Of December 2020

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