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Single review - Small Town Chains by Harriet Rose

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Harriet Rose having only seen her live via the internet, but that's all set to change this weekend! I was first informed of how good she was by Paul Sheffield well over a year ago, and she had been on my must-see list before lockdown.

Small Town chains starts off with excellent pedal steel backing before being joined by the leading acoustic guitar with some perfectly placed pedal steel in the background before being joined by Harriet's fast-paced yet powerful vocals combined with an incredibly perfect ooo vocal run showcasing her vast vocal range, before being accompanied by an excellent build-up section with crashing cymbal to end the superb start to this track.

Next, we are then joined by perfect backing of the full band with some more sweet vocal runs with her powerhouse voice kicking in with the lyrics "small-town chains they can hold me back no more " which is 100% true as she has taken over the internet during lockdown playing shows for pages not just here in the UK, but all the way over in Nashville TN with the shows reaching incredible viewing figures.

Back to the track after the outstanding vocal run from Harriet and "her big tall plans that definitely can't hold her back no more" the lyric crafts an incredible super long vocal run from Harriet before we are treated to one of the standout moments of this track with crashing drop out and a powerhouse vocal taking the lead with Harriets speed and delivery of the lyrics just outstanding. The full band then comes perfectly crashing back in for a short moment with a fantastic electric guitar section. We are then treated to only the guitar backing and occasional electric guitar riff and some perfectly placed pedal steel accompanying another round of more incredible lyrics,"no he won't go out when you're trying to leave she won't get far with that pipeline dream" delivered at astonishing speed, whilst the whole time the track is quietly building in the background, building up to some more incredible vocal runs ranging from short to incredibly long. The small-town chains can't hold her back no more.

Heading back in one of my favourite parts the incredible break down crashing drop out section with more of Harriet's super speedy and powerhouse vocals taking the lead. Missing out the end vocal run as we head into a fantastic breakdown section with just a kick drum building up the tension with the perfectly placed backing vocal section "I Said I am moving on I am moving on I am moving " with some amazingly placed percussion, also in this section building up to another one of Harriet's outstanding vocal runs "moving on up "straight back to the main lyrics on "these small-town chains can't hold me back", perfectly backed with an electric guitar solo and the incredible, super speedy, vocal delivery from Harriet before ending with a perfect band section taking us up to Harriet's end of the track with lyrics "these small town chains are loose no more" finishing with an acoustic guitar lead section to finish off this outstanding track.

Small Town Chains is an outstanding debut release with incredible powerhouse vocal runs and exceptional speed and delivery of her lyrics like no one else on the UK country circuit. Perfect drop out sections to showcase Harriet's vocals, along with the unbelievable backing of the band. I say band, I know she's a multi-instrumentalist and I wouldn't be surprised if she played everything on this track as she so talented. Destined to take over the UK and international country music scenes.

I expect huge things from this lady with her big-town dreams in the future.

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Single release date: August 21st

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