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Single Review : Hannah Paris - Calm After The Storm

Hannah Paris Release a divine cover of The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm. With some incredible production starting with the soft pedal steel sound before it, all kicks in with an excellent strumming guitar riff with Hannahs soft and sweet vocals taking the lead over this track with some excellent self-penned harmonies with her vocals rising to create the emotion with the track just running perfectly in the background with short pedal steel runs complemented by Hannahs runs leading up eclectic solo break in the track up before heading it to a stunning end section featuring just the bare bones of Hannah stunning voice with perfection guitar strumming creating a build-up the full band back in for one final time with incredible vocal runs at the end of every phrase with fade out to end perfection.

The whole track is excellent with all the production fitting perfectly creating real motion and emotion in the track from start to finish with excellent pedal steel parts some Hannah trademark vocal runs 3 different levels of vocals in one run just outstanding

Hannah Paris - Calm After The Storm out Friday 4th of June on all platforms

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