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Review: Simon Clulo - Devil On My Shoulder

Simon Clulo is a Staffordshire-based singer songwriter, influenced by the likes of Chris Stapleton and Zac Brown. The new single 'Devil On My Shoulder' was written about someone losing their family and friends through drink and finding themselves drifting alone.

Beginning with minimal instrumentation, the lyrical content is the main focus, delivered with a very powerful vocal. The first verse saw the visualisation of a lonely guy, travelling the dirty backroads of the city, with a brown paper bag in his hand, losing his way and struggling to find his way back. Erupting into the chorus brings a different dimension to the song which is incredibly powerful and emotive. The 'Devil On My Shoulder reminds me that I am his favourite son...' Wherever that person runs, wherever they go, and whatever they do, it seems as though they are unable to fight the urge to use alcohol as a way of dealing with inner demons and troubles. As much as I really like the big instrumentation in the chorus, I struggle to hear the vocal enough. However, Simon does an incredibly job of of delivering the song and the emotion behind it.

Highly recommended!


Simon Clulo: vocals & guitars

Matt Bishop: guitars and production

Tom Bishop: drums/Bass & mastering

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