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Review - "Magnetic" by Kelsey Bovey

Kelsey Bovey an up and coming pop country singer who I have only had the chance to see her live once in an acoustic writers round in Bristol and she was outstanding.

"Magnetic" Her first full on band sounding track after previous releases having a backing of band but more on the acoustic vibe. 

Magnetic starts with solid pop country back beat with that catchy click track sound 

building up to just her fantastic voice, with just the backing of an electric drum and snare riff.

Dropping into some excellent lyrics about anyone’s past relationships they are so relatable the confusion of love and the feelings you get about new relationships, mistakes and regretting it. The next breakdown featuring more of that super catchy country pop back beat letting her vocal stand out before the building to the main part of the track with more super relatable lyrics before another build up with more relatable lyrics about crying on the phone and feeling alone, before a smaller breakdown with just guitar strung with vocals dropping in with the full band sound and more of her incredible lyrics about having a hole in your heart and regretting. Conclusion of the track with just a click track and acoustic guitar and her vocal run to finish.

The whole track is excellent country pop with super relatable lyrics about relationships 

experiences relatable to all. You could say it sounds like a certain other Kelsea but thats not the case. This track brings Kelsey Boveys own style which will surely be a massive hit for her and Puzzle Maker Studios as they are on a roll at the moment with their excellent productions skills. 

The brand new single ‘Magnetic’ is being release on Friday 22nd May and has been recorded and produced by Danny McMahon & Andrea Succi at Puzzle Maker Studios.

Pre-order on iTunes and pre-save on Spotify now &

follow Kelsey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

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