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Review: "My Kinda City" by Danny McMahon

Updated: May 13, 2020

Danny McMahon is an award-winning UK Country Artist and internationally nominated artist from Bristol. I have been following him ever since his first EP Making Memories from 2017 and first full UK tour in 2018. After just 2 EP's, and having seen him perform live dozens of times, from small venues with just me and his manager Rachel, right the way up to playing one the UK's biggest country nights Nashville Nights, I knew that this was going to be another special track.

My Kinda City by Danny McMahon co written with Tyler Bank from Nashville

Starts straight off with that catchy beat and acoustic guitar riff, before the lyrics of the track kick in, which are about Danny's life on the road as a musician but they could easily be relatable to any one with busy buzzing lives just like the lyrics in the track. With an outstanding blues riff blending in with his excellent voice, building up to the chorus about buzzing in various locations and laced in with more of that perfect back beat and blues riff, leading in to a superb electric guitar solo before we are treated to just his excellent voice, backed by just electric kick drum which is a regular feature of his up-tempo tracks. Then followed by the build up to the incredible full band end, with both the electric and blues guitar riff both perfectly working together, before ending of the track with just is the

voice solo.

The whole track has a great up-tempo country-pop feel which draws in from his vast experience as an independent musician, with no doubt this will be another massive hit for this already multiple nominated artist in this year's various international awards.

Danny McMahon - "My Kinda City" - Out Friday 15th May

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recorded and released via Puzzle Maker Records

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