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Review: 'Blank Walls' by Eleri Angharad

Updated: May 20, 2020

Reviewed for FBC by Nathan King

Eleri Angharad bring us her new single Blank Walls, this song is very beautiful and dark, in the title of the song could be something that everyone feels in life, when that something you think is perfect turns out it's actually turning your heart black and cold. The piano in this song, really brings the lyrics and the whole song to life, with it's beautiful and dramatic sound. Eleri has one of the most beautiful voices in music today, and I believe this song shares that with us, as she sings each lyric, you can feel the pain and the emotion this song is portraying. "On the bedroom floor and empty bottles empty promise, from the night before and that’s our call" this is the lyric that I can relate to because this is a stage that I went through in my life , and you have to make that decision that it's okay to end something you believe is poisoning you, so you can heal and move on. Just because a period of our life is difficult, doesn't mean you can't use that for strength, because its the hard parts in life that makes us stronger. Blank Walls for me is song of the year so far, everything about this song, just shouts beauty.

Artist Biography

Eleri Angharad is a fresh new voice on the UK Country scene from Swansea, South Wales. Inspired by a North American road trip, where she performed in Nashville, Chicago and New York, Eleri blends traditional Country Music storytelling with catchy Pop melodies. She draws influences from James Taylor and Kacey Musgraves and possesses a stunning vocal quality that matches that of CMT Nashville’s Clare Bowen.

Captivated by Nashville artists’ stories of heartbreak, travelling and coming home, Eleri explores these themes in her 2019 debut album ‘Earthbound’; a body of work based on her travels around the US, Ireland and Sweden, co-written with Owen Powell of Catatonia and Cardiff based singer/songwriter Naomi Rae. Tracks include banjo driven title track ‘Earthbound’, which was added to the Welsh A-List on BBC Radio Wales for 5 weeks following its release and acoustic piano ballad ‘Staircase’, Eleri’s first track to reach over 20,000 Spotify streams.

“Didn’t we step into Nashville there!” - Eleri Sion. “What a crystalline and beautiful voice!” - Adam Walton.

Eleri has a wealth of live performances under her belt, including support slots for Blair Dunlop, John Adams and Into The Ark. 2019 saw Eleri embark on her first UK headline tour, with sixteen dates across the country including London, York and Manchester, as well as two sold out Album Launch shows in Cardiff and her hometown of Swansea. This was quickly followed by a Summer full of exciting festivals slots at How The Light Gets In, Live On The Wye, Home Farm Fest and even Glastonbury festival and ever the busy traveller Eleri spent the Autumn months touring Europe with concerts in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands.

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