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First Thoughts Review: Wasted on You by Becky Lawrence

Becky Lawrence is a country singer songwriter who has always been drawn to words, poetry and lyrics and began to develop a passion for country music, more so than other music that she has listened to and it was then her own lyrics seemed to just fit with this genre.

Since moving to the south-west of England, Becky began working with a platinum-selling producer in Bristol and a fantastic sound engineer at Phoenix Studios, resulting in the release of her first EP 'A Child's Tears'. After the release of her second EP 'What It Takes' co-written with UK Country Artist of the Year Danny McMahon, its been a whirlwind of writing and performing, with her most recent gigs being at The Queens Head in Box, co-headlining with Amie K, Rock and Ribs Fest and Watchet Festival.

Wasted on You is a country heartbreak ballad that combines a more traditional country sound with a pop/rock twist. Becky is known for her strong, powerful long notes and this song clearly showcases this. Speaking of the new single, Becky says:

“I’m really happy with the result of this song, after years of tweaking bits here and there. It wasn’t until I took a step back from not just this song, but my music in general, things started to sound right and make sense”.

'Wasted On You' encompasses a wonderful combination of traditional-sounding guitars and modern country-pop production. There is no doubt that Becky has an incredible ability to portray the emotion of the song within her vocal performance and a capability to write compelling, relatable lyrics. The heavy guitar instrumental gives the song an appropriate life that takes the song to it's ending.

Becky is looking forward to hitting the road again this year with gigs in Liverpool, Derby and spots at Lechlade Festival and Country On the Coast.

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‘Wasted on You’ written by Becky Lawrence, TG Music and Louie Miller. Production by TG Music, David Griffin & Hugh Webber. Produced and Mastered by Antony Cull

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