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First Thoughts Review: Tim Prottey-Jones releases 'Bite the Bullet'

To many, Tim Prottey-Jones may be known as the founding member of the award winning Decca signed “The Wandering Hearts” however, in recent times, the talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been creating an impressive catalogue of his own material.

Bite the Bullet is the lead single from his forthcoming EP, set for release in early 2021, and is 'an intelligent nod to a failing relationship that has seen better days'.

The song begins with a simple orchestration of synth and guitar accompanied by Tim's smooth vocals. It brings together an exquisite combination of mainstream modern country instrumentation and production which may be likened to the American market however, the lyrical content is honest and relatable to the British singer-songwriter.

As the song progresses, as does the storytelling in an elegant, yet emotional manner. Many of us will have experienced some, if not all of what Tim PJ portrays in this track and 'sometimes it's not enough' but, 'I know you'll be fine'.

We are told that further cuts on the upcoming EP including the hook laden "be kind" anthem "Good Life". The EP sounds as though it is going to be an incredibly uplifting, encouraging, and positive collection of tracks that will undoubtedly showcase Tim's talent.

Twitter: @timprotteyjones


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