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First Thoughts Review: 'Then' by Simon Casey

Simon Casey's cover of Brad Paisley's song 'Then' is absolutely stunning. Simon has the best male voice I think I have ever heard. Each lyric is crystal clear.

I admit I have never heard the original version of this song but I don't think I want to. A lone piano accompanying a lone vocal. 'Then' is a look back over a life of loving someone and not believing how your feelings are even stronger today than they were then, and wondering how much stronger could they get in the future, if its at all possible to love that person more than at this moment in time.

Simply breathtaking. It makes me feel quite emotional as I totally connect with the lyrics behind this song as I ask myself that same question every day.

'Then' is available on all digital platforms. I would highly recommend that you add it to your music collection as soon as possible.

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