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First Thoughts Review: 'Thank You Texas' by Peter Donegan

The new single 'Thank You Texas' by Peter Donegan is set for release on August 1st.

It was written at the Buddy Holly Songwriting Retreat in Lubbock Texas last year with Jerry Serrano and NBC The Voice’s, Madi Davis.

Upon arriving in Lubbock Texas from a tour in the U.K. where Peter was born, he immediately fell in love with the great state of Texas. As he arrived into Austin and started the long drive to Lubbock through the night, Peter rolled down the window, felt the warm Texas breeze hold him, and he felt at home.  This song is an autobiographical tale of Peter's journey into Texas.

Needless to say, it was love at first sight.

First Thoughts Review:

Being autobiographical, 'Thank You Texas' takes the listener on that 5 hour journey through the night between Austin and Lubbock Texas. It is as if you are in the car alongside Peter. You are watching that Texan sunset, tailed by a southern wind and a blanket of stars and listening to the radio whilst Peter is driving through the night. Lifting his head and tilting his hat he feels like he has fallen in love with Texas and is driving home. He is excited to reach his destination.

'Thank You Texas' has a nice foot tapping, cheery beat. The melody is incredibly catchy too. By the time I had listened to the song 3 times I was humming along to the tune.

The listener is eased gently into 'Thank You Texas'. The chorus and an occasional guitar strum and piano chord plus Peter's impeccable, crystal clear vocal, introduces this song before the beat picks up with a pedal steel chord and the acoustic guitar is strummed to the faster beat. Piano and percussion fill the sound out building this song gradually over the course of two verses and a chorus. A lovely guitar riff is introduced during the verse three building up to a fabulous guitar solo that makes me think of the 1960's because of the guitars' lovely tone. The song comes to an end with an acapela "Im home" and a final guitar strum.

I would highly recommend you adding 'Thank You Texas' to your music library.

Photo Credit - Shades Photography

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