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First Thoughts Review: 'In the Morning' by Molly and the Moon

Molly & The Moon are an alternative and uplifting musical group from local Gloucestershire, bringing a quaint British Folk charm to the Americana genre

The soulful, Folk inspired band are proud to introduce their final trip to the moon - ‘In The Morning’ will be their final release as a band and the songs are written in response to the current social, humanitarian and environmental crisis’ - there is hope on the horizon. The band say that this collection of songs is intended as a prayer to humanity, a call to arms to lift one another up out of the darkness and into the brighter morning.

The first track on the EP is the single 'Rise' which was released in May 2020. You can read the full review of this incredible feel good, uplifting, summer sound by DC Brown here:

The title track 'In the Morning' brings together the premise of the entire EP that we are to lift one another up out of the darkness and into the brighter morning. This is followed by 'Cold is the night' which is a personal favourite. The track begins with a soft acoustic guitar & Molly's earthy vocals which complement the track perfectly. The song takes you on a journey of longing for that individual that is no longer a part of life for one reason or another. The emotion of the lyrical content really shines through in the way that Molly sings this song and the accompanying vocal harmonies.

The penultimate track 'One God, Same Face' really showcases Molly's sensitivity and vocal range which is eloquently accompanied by Beth Hill & the Andy's on backing vocals and delicate instrumentation. Lyrically, this song encourages the listener to consider the beauty of nature surrounding us and be grateful for what we have.

'Compass' is a great way to close out the EP and the journey of Molly and the Moon. It talks about following the direction of your heart, allowing yourself to ride the wave and make happen what your heart desires and has a passion for - 'Set yourself free... follow the compass in your heart'.

"To all our amazing fans all over the world, for supporting our music and coming to shows. We love you and thank you forever!"

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