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First Thoughts Review: 'Ford Econoline' by Kerry Fearon

‘Ford Econoline’ was originally written and recorded by Nanci Griffith, who is one of Kerry Fearon's favourite songwriters and performers. Over the years it has become a favourite song to include in her own set list which we got to hear live when she performed it in Leek last year, so I guess its only a natural progression for Kerry to record it herself.

For those who don't know the song, it is an uptempo traditional sounding country song with lots of pedal steel guitar and fiddle and a determined, gutsy vocal from Kerry which really makes the song her own. It really got my toes tapping along to the beat. Listening to it somehow transports me to small town America seeing a woman driving that 'Ford Econoline' car with a couple of kids in the back and the family dog all going out for a picnic.

'Ford Econoline' was released on 14th February. Just click the link below to get your copy because it will make a stunning addition to your music library.

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