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First Thoughts Review: 'Chapel On The Hill' by Newcomer to the UK Country Scene Savannah Jaine

American artist Savannah Jaine along with her British guitarist partner, Lee Meadows released their latest single on August 7th. 'Chapel On The Hill' is an upbeat, catchy country pop song with plenty of attitude. They have moved permanently to the UK, and this is the first commercial single recorded at their new studio in Adlington, Lancashire.

'Chapel On The Hill' has a very strong guitar riff that is played throughout and clapping hands define the beat until percussion is introduced in the second verse. The drums are pretty dominant from then on in this track, which really gets your foot tapping. Savannah has a very slightly husky but very strong vocal which I feel suits this type of song really well.

Savannah and Lee themselves describe 'Chapel On The Hill' as strong, sassy, outlaw country with gypsy vibes, an influence they will have picked up from their time spent in Spain during their artist residency there.

'Chapel On The Hill' is already being played in rotation on UKCountryRadio

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