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Review: Lady In Red - Kelsey Bovey

In this song Kelsey Bovey is explaining about being swept off her feet by a boy she meets on a night out. She explains about what attracts her to this boy, how he swept her off her feet with his eyes.

During my initial listen to this song it sounds like a really nice love song but delve a little deeper and you hear about the initial jubilation followed by realisation that the love fizzled out

The initial attraction soon fades when the boy no longer makes an effort with her. Kelsey’s explanation of how the raw emotion of the heartache makes her feel and it’s this ability to convey that emotion through the lyrics which makes this song so powerful in my opinion.

The lyrics continue…explaining what she desires for in a relationship, someone who makes her happy, someone who cares about her, someone to make her feel special.

What a superb and really emotional song Kelsey.

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