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Review: 'Mr Telecaster' by Tom Wright

A rocky gritty song that gets you hooked from the very second 'Mr Telecaster' slides his fingers down those strings.

Tom Wright is a very talented guitarist, singer and songwriter who travels up and down the country appearing in various stage musicals. One minute he is on stage as Buddy Holly and the next he is alongside Elio Pace playing 'The Billy Joel Songbook'. He also performs as a session musician in various bands, he has a band of his own and he also records and produces music for other artists.

Mirroring his own life to some extent, 'Mr Telecaster' is about a musician playing guitar for a living. He lives the rockstar lifestyle and he thinks he is living the dream.

This fabulous song has already been released. 'Mr Telecaster' is available to download on all digital platforms.

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