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How To Grow Your Social Media As A Musician.

You don't need a sophisticated content re-purposing strategy. You just need to be active and personal. If you keep at it, your efforts will pay off. So, here are the best social media platforms for musicians. ...

YouTube Is The Top Social Media Website For Musicians Right Now. ... Facebook. ... Instagram. ... Twitter. ... Bandcamp. ... SoundCloud.


How can I promote my band on social media?

4 Steps to Successfully Promote Your Music Using Social Media Create a strategy.

Decide the content should you create.

Choose the right Social Media platform to promote your Music.

Establish which mediums to use for your content.

Distribute your content to an audience.


How can I promote my music without being annoying?

Here are five ways to promote your music on social media without annoying your followers.

1. Make it interactive. Social media is a terrific platform to interact with your fans.

2. Speak with genuine excitement.

3. Offer an incentive.

4. Post in moderation.

5. Make it personal.


How do I promote my music in 2019?

Here Are 8 Best Ways To Promote Your Music Band In 2019

1. Make Good Use Of Social Media.

2. Own An Exciting Logo.

3.Play In Local Events And Street Fests.

4. Have A Unique Album Cover.

5. Lure Your Audience With Promotional Gifts.

6. Stick Posters Of Your Band In Your Town.

7. Start Blogging About Your Music.

8. Podcast Your Music.


Is social media good for musicians?


Social Media platforms have given musicians more control over the distribution of their music and through the use of services such as Bandcamp, many artists now have the option to bypass the industry conventions completely.


How do you grow your band on Instagram?

Here are 7 tips to grow your fanbase on Instagram.

1. Tell your story.

2. Think of your Instagram feed as your personal online magazine.

3. Decide on the overall look of your photos.

4. Post consistently.

5. Use the right hashtags.

6. Spark engagement.

7. Post at the right times.


Is Instagram good for musicians?

While Instagram is great, and there are plenty of Instagram musicians killing it, it's not for everyone. You shouldn't just be promoting music on Instagram just because other people are doing it. As a musician, you should use Instagram if the demographics of your fanbase strongly correlates with their user base.


What is the best way to promote music?

Live Music Promotion.

Use Social Media the RIGHT Way.

Promote Your Music and Sell it on Your Website.

Reach out to Music Bloggers.

Collaborate with Other Musicians.

Promote with Email.


Where can I promote my music for free?

10 Best Places to Promote Your Music Online

Create your Music Website with Wix Music.

Promote your Shows on Bandsintown & Songkick.

Get your own YouTube Channel.

Host your Music on Apple Music / iTunes.

Add your Music to

Familiarise yourself with Reddit Music.

Upload your music to Spotify.

Use Hashtags on Twitter (@TwitterMusic)


Where can I upload my songs for free?

SoundCloud. Founded in 2007, SoundCloud remains as one of the world's top audio distribution platforms and attracts over 175 million monthly unique visitors.

Audiomack. Not too far behind SoundCloud, Audiomack is on the rise as a fan-friendly streaming platform.








How can I promote my band online?

8 ways to promote your band.

1. Add a physical element to your promotion.

2. Tour, tour and then tour again.

3. Focus your efforts on playlists.

4. Keep an up-to-date website.

5. Post your music on as many free platforms as possible.

6. Research and pitch to radio stations.

7. Create engaging video content.

8. Get creative with your merch offerings.


How can I make my music popular?

Marketing your Music.

1. Create your image.

2. Build a unique image that showcases your personality in a way that other people can connect with.

3. Record a demo. Your demo will be your calling card.

4. Create a website.

5. Get on social media.

6. Put your songs on music sites.

7. Make merchandise.

8. Make a mailing list.

9. Be a fan.

10. Support other artists.


Information collated from Google by Keren Morrall for your convenience.

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