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'Missing Person' A New Album By Michael McMillan

The title of the opening song 'Coming Home' tells you instantly what the song is about. He is looking forward, after the turmoil of the war, to getting back into the arms of his wife and children. It starts with a nice happy up-tempo beat that dramatically changes in the bridge before returning.

'The Only Word' Starts off with an up beat strumming guitar that puts me in mind of 'My Sweet Lord' by George Harrison. That is however where the similarity ends. It's about feeling lonely within a relationship and also how you feel when the one you love reaches out to you.

This next story is about sticking together through thick and thin. Good times and bad. They just wish there hadn't been quite 'So Many Thorns' along the way.

Starting off with a strumming guitar 'Tell Me' introduces beautiful harmonies early on. I love the way that piano is introduced about half way through, to then take over as the dominant instrument. It's a love song about not being able to write a love song that was good enough. And now it's too late.

Remembering a long trip on a Greyhound bus, with someone who has passed on to 'A Better Place' is always going to make a special song and although not immediately apparent, 'We Don't Listen' is lyrically, a gospel song, It has a mid tempo beat and a very catchy melody, and it feels like these two songs were intended to be placed one after the other to carry on the story.

'I Moved On' It's about loving someone so much that that person is in every part of you. But then you realise that, that love is not returned. You can hear the heart ache in how the lyrics are delivered. He almost sounds defeated.

'Wait for Me' is my favourite on the album. It's a beautiful ballad about the silence and loneliness that you face after losing a loved one, remembering them and the longing to be reunited with them. This song has such a beautiful arrangement and melody.

'Who Cares' is a beautiful song about 2 runaway kids that belonged together. 'They don't care how much you know but want to know how much you care' and 'You Are' tells the girl in his life how much she means to him.

'Tick the Box' is about social media and how much we take it for granted and how much it has become a part of life. It opens with a rock 'n' roll influenced piano intro which sets it apart from the other songs on the album. and finally 'No Place to Go' is about thinking back over his life and the places he's been which is a perfect way to end.

Michael must have the clearest vocal I have ever heard. Every single word clearly heard. As country songs are based on life experiences then this songwriter seems to have had his fair share. Each song it true country through and through.

'Missing Person' is such a heart felt, sincere album that takes you to places you don't necessarily want to be, but in a good way. It is beautifully written and has a lovely crisp, clean, stripped back feel in the production of it.

An absolute asset to your country music collection and is available now on all online platforms.

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