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EP review: The Stories - Short Stories

The first track on the EP is one called ‘What If’. It starts with an electric guitar riff before a blend of harmonies begins from the off. The song is written about all those particular scenarios and situations that you may be faced with that may not necessarily be welcoming however, as long as you have each other, everything is going to be just ok and ‘none of this matters’. The melody of this song and the instrumentation is not necessarily complex however, it provides an easy listen and definitely put a smile on my face. A very good track to begin the EP with.

The second track ‘Never walk away’ is led by female vocals and the melodic nature and chord progression of the song reminds me of the pop rock group Beautiful South. It really has that 1980’s vibe. The male vocal complements the power of Teri’s vocals in the chorus. Both ‘Never walk away’ and ‘He’ll drive me crazy’ combine traditional country sounds with 1980’s pop. The latter is definitely one that I can imagine a bit of line dancing too… who doesn’t like a bit of a boogie?

‘Ghost on my trail’ has more of a rocky country feel to it compared to the three tracks that came before. The soulful tone of Jason really makes you believe every word that is being sung. You can hear the sound of almost desperation in his vocal – very powerful.

The EP finishes with a traditional sad love song, ‘Roses outside my door’. It encompasses the beautiful tones of pedal steel guitar and the soft harmonising vocals of Jason and Teri. Overall a very thought provoking and heartfelt EP.

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