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A Review of 'Edge Of Love' a new EP from Lisa Redford

'Anything But Easy' is a really good song to introduce you to the rest of Lisa Redford's charming EP. Although this is a song about a difficult relationship, subsequent break-up and moving on, it is uptempo and gets you singing along with the catchy harmonies.

This next very pretty song with nice finger picking on the guitar, a violin and beautiful harmonies is 'The Edge Of Love' and it tells the story of how she is afraid to let go and love completely because of the past. I think this is my favourite song on the EP.

'Let Go' - has an instant country feel with the prominent pedal steel from the outset. 'You did me wrong now I'm moving on without you' This one line sums up what the song is all about. It's uptempo so it feels like she has gone through all the pain and sadness of the break up and has now come out the other side determined to move forward.

'I Just Cant Forget' is about remembering all the little seemingly insignificant things throughout a relationship now that it's over. She wants to leave the pain behind her but the memories won't let her.

Lying in bed 'Alone Tonight' thinking about all the good times and how wonderful it was before things changed. This poignant ballad rounds this EP up perfectly.

Each of the songs stories following on from the previous story. Every song is relatable to each and every one of us.

This very easy to listen to EP , takes the listener through several stages of a relationship that ends in heartbreak but it is compulsive listening, as you want to find out what happens in the rest of the story.

This EP will fit into any music library. It has an acoustic feel and is not overproduced which is just how I like to listen to my country music.

'Anything But Easy' was released to all online music platforms on 22nd February.

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