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Kira Mac - Interview & Video

We first met Kira a couple of years ago at her EP launch in Stoke-On-Trent. She rocked it out with her band. We have seen her several times since either with her band or a lone guitarist but at Country On The Clyde Kira accompanied herself on guitar. We sent her this interview after the event. All photo's credited to Ian Morrall.

Q: How long have you been writing and performing country music?

A: It will be ten years this year! I’m running out of time haha, I got my guitar for my birthday when I was 13 and I’ve been playing and writing ever since, started just doing open mics and busking then worked up to playing my own shows and bigger audiences.

Q: If you could invite the people who have influenced you in your music career to a dinner party, who would you invite?

A: Ooooo that’s a great question! Obviously my mum and dad would be there and all the people that helped me when I was just starting, my friends too. But in terms of my influences, my dad bought me up on blues and rock and my mum always played old soul and mow town, so I had a very varied music taste. It would be Garth Brooks, Stevie nicks, Definitely Miranda lambert along with some old school rock queens like Cher and Pat Benetar. We’d have to throw shania and dolly in there too, naturally.

Q: If you were to take one well known song and put your own country twist on it, which song would you choose?

A: That’s so hard! I love get thru this by Daniel Benningfield at the moment, I found the acoustic version and it blows my socks off I just love it, maybe I’d do a Lucie Silvas and take an old classic rock on to change like journey or queen.

Q: If you had the chance of performing anywhere in the world, Where would your dream venue be?

A: Colorado red rock, that’s why I sing about it in storm on the horizon. Either there or Madison square garden.

Q: What excites you about the British country scene?

A: It’s always growing and it’s so accepting of new artists and different takes on country. Plus lots of new festivals means lots of meeting new people, Beer, and travelling in the sun!

Q: The British country music scene is growing fast. Each artist having their own take on what country music is to them. How do feel that our music stands up against the music coming out of America at the moment?

A: I feel like there’s not many girls who do the country rock vibe and stay true to it, Meghan Patrick is one of my favourites at the moment, she’s soo rock n roll but even her slow songs are really raw, everyone’s a girl with a guitar in a white dress and it’s so over saturated as a market.

Q: Where do you see British country music in 5 years time?

A: Hopefully just getting bigger and bigger with more and more UK artists making the pop charts and getting recognition for the work they do.

Q: Do you think you will be more accepted in 5 years, when you say you are a British country music artist?

A: Yeah I hope so, it can only go up from here!

Q: Where can we find you on social media?

A: Social links:

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