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Cry, Cry - A Brand New Single By Royal South

Although not strictly part of the British country music scene, Royal South has quite a following in the UK as one third of this trio is Glen Mitchell, who is our British country artist Jodie McKay's very talented older brother who lives and works in Nashville. Glen reached out asking for people to review this debut single and I thought 'why not'.

On first hearing 'Cry, Cry' you can tell this single has been produced in Nashville. This song has an anthem feel about it. It has energy and sass.

I like that there is quite a lot of this single that is instrumental. It really showcases the exceptional musicianship that these guys possess.

The catchy tune, Sarabeth's vocals and Vicky and Glen's harmonies are stunning and when you hear it, it makes you want to dance.

So I think the message that the songwriter wants to convey is, having had your heart broken, having a good cry is the way to get through it, and then you come out the other side and feel a whole lot better about things..

Here is a link to tell you all you need to know about this talented band.

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