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An Interview with Amy Westney

Last summer I caught up with Amy at FSA.

Keren - Hi everyone, today for Forever British Country I am talking to the very talented Amy Westney

Amy - Hello

Keren - Hello How are you?

Amy - I'm really well

Keren - Good. I've been told by quite a few people that you sound more country than any of our other British artists, have you heard that?

Amy - I have heard that. I'm just doing what I like doing then if that is the case then, I don't know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing really.

Keren - I don't know (laughs) I like your music so

Amy - Depends what people like, I guess but I like all that old school country and I'm glad it comes across.

Keren - You do the Bluebird Sessions in Kelverdon in Essex don't you?

Amy - I do yeah

Keren - That must be a massive undertaking to organise that every month.

Amy - It is but I am at that point now where I have artists that are coming to me to play. When I first started it it was very much a case of me going out and searching for people so its definitely become easier in that respect but its still just pulling everything together but it's worth it cos its really good fun.

Keren - That's great and how about you are you bringing new music out?

Amy - Amy wrote an EP with her band which was a nice experience as she explains 'I write on my own a lot of the time because outside of the country community co-writing's not really a thing.

Keren - Ok

Amy - Or at least from the people I have spoken too, that's what I have found so my band guys are really up for sitting down and writing so I suppose we will try and get some stuff together like that and hopefully that will bring us all a bit closer and tighter as a band as well if we've all got some real input into the songs.

Keren - And it's always nice to get your feelings out and express.....yeah

Amy - Yeah so we are working on that and hopefully that will all go towards a new album early in 2018 …..(Love Shouldn't Hurt was released early this year)

Keren - Thanks very much Amy for taking 5 minutes to talk to me.

Amy - It's been my pleasure.

Keren - I have been talking to Amy Westney for Forever British Country.

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