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Backwoods Creek Interview

I caught up with Backwoods Creek after their first performance at C2C 2017

Keren - My god. Look out for this band. They are bloody amazing. So how are you guys?

Backwoods Creek - Very good, really warm after that. (laughs)

Keren - So where about in the country are you based so people can come and see you?

Backwoods Creek - Kind of Guilford, Surrey area at the moment. We do gigs in London and played Buckle & Boots.

Keren - So how did you guys all meet?

Backwoods Creek - We met at The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guilford. Yannick and Jamie meeting up together and jamming and he (Jamie) kind of forced country down Yannicks throat a little bit until he liked it. (laughs) And now he loves it. And now he eats it every day for breakfast. And bassist Jack lived with him (Jamie) for many years, too many years. I met everyone else through Uni and I also used to work in a music shop as well so I met our fiddle player there and our other guitarist there and our drummer.

Keren - Well that's brilliant. So what made you decide to form a band and start singing and writing your own songs?

Backwoods Creek - (Jamie) I think for me I was starting to write songs, cos I used to not play country and I started to write songs that were taking a completely different tangent and I wanted to realise this. It was the first time I was kind of singing and playing at the same time then I started talking to Yannick who had started to write as well and we started writing together and it kind of snowballed (Yannick) yeah pretty much.

Keren - I love your rocky style and I am sure if non country music fans heard you they wouldn't necessarily realise that they were listening to country.

Backwoods Creek - (Jamie) No no. I like to call ourselves an 80's rock band with an accent (laughs)

Keren - (laughs) So if you were to choose any non country song make it country what song would you choose?

Backwoods Creek - (Jamie) Shall we take it in turns for that one. You go first cos it'll be the weirdest. (Yannick) Well the obvious one would be to mention our cover of Hey Brother that we've done from The BeeGees. We kind of do our own little rendition of it but other than that I can't really pick one out of my head, but that's the one that we've already got in our setlist. (Jamie) There are so many out there but every so often I listen to the radio and think this would be amazing if it was a country song but I cant think of any off the top of my head (Jack) We were literally just talking about this earlier and I was saying Iron Maiden The Trooper (laughs) I think that would sound amazing. Absolutely wicked.

Keren - Brilliant. I just want to say thank you for taking time out of your busy day to talk to me. Enjoy the rest of C2C and I am definitely going to catch you guys again tomorrow.

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