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The Return of Chloe Chadwick - First Thoughts Review: 'Devils Game'

Chloe Chadwick makes a very welcome return to the UK country scene with her first release in three years. 'Devils Game' which is due for release on 14th August.


Opening with a dramatic guitar strum 'Devils Game' is a track that you will immediately warm too and want to put on repeat despite the narrative. Chloe does have the amazing ability to tell a story, through song, very well indeed and 'Devils Game' is no exception.

The guitar solo and outro riff sounds very 'cowboy' country due to the superb tone of the guitar. That riff alone transports me to a desert, on horseback, with huge cacti and tumble weeds rolling along in the breeze.

'Devils Game' showcases Chloe's sublime vocal performance to perfection. Each word is crystal clear and throughout the solo it really compliments the guitars tones and individual notes.

A must have addition to your music library and it makes me realise how much I have missed hearing Chloe Chadwick songs.


"Devil's Game is the new single from the award-winning country artist, Chloe Chadwick (produced by Animal Farm Records). 

A bittersweet, mid-tempo, acoustic track its poignancy sees it cover gambling, addiction and the eventual suicide of a woman who leaves behind a young family following a slow descent into self-destruction. 

Arriving with a pop-balladesque twist the single is a stunningly atmospheric addition to Chloe's catalogue of sound as she continues to gain support from BBC Introducing, and other radio stations, the length and breadth of the country." 


Chloë Chadwick is a singer/songwriter from Cheshire, England. Her Americana tinged alt/pop effortlessly blends rock and country influences into a one woman touring act that has had her on the road for 15 years, opening for and sharing stages with a host of artists ranging from Lady Antebellum to The Shires and Ward Thomas to Emmylou Harris. 

"Cracking, absolutely cracking..."  Steve Dwight - Calon FM 

As a teenager Chloë cut her teeth performing at parties, clubs and festivals across the Alps, Balearics and Italy, learning her trade in front of raucous and, at times, incoherent audiences. In 2015 she embarked on a life changing journey to the US by signing to Blue Pie Records and working with ace U.S producer Chris Garcia and his mixing partner Tom Polce. The ensuing debut album 'Dustbowl Jukebox' hit the iTunes country charts top 20 in 2017. 

"Quality stuff. Amazing voice."  Jules Hornbrook - 

Chloë was nominated for Best Female and Best British Act in 2017 at the British Country Music Radio Awards. A seasoned songwriter, Chloë has collaborated with the likes of Kevin Dippold and Canadian singer/songwriter Noble Taylor, writing songs for emerging artists. 

"Funky and energetic ... Brilliant!"  Victoria Power - 

Chloë, originally from Staffordshire, is the embodiment of tenacity, drive and grit, with a huge passion for the art of songwriting and a true love of the road. One tough cookie, Chloë Chadwick clocks in nearly 200 shows a year, melting audiences’ hearts with heartfelt songs about the never-ending cycle of life, love and loneliness. 

“Chloë is one of the best artists on the circuit, super-talented and always professional, she’s great to work with!” 

Nick Bayes -

Formerly of the north-east (Newcastle), and labelled as being the 'Northern Country Queen' by the Newcastle Chronicle, Chloe presently resides in Cheshire.

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