Award winning country artist Stuart Landon, has announced the release of his brand new single, Lonely. The single comes after the chart success of 'I Sinned' which topped the Amazon Country Charts and debuted at number 3 on the iTunes country chart.

Landon, who was due to perform at the annual Country to Country Festival in March before Covid-19 suspended the event, has spent his time in the studio recording, producing and mixing his latest track alongside an array of talented musicians who worked with him remotely on the song.

Landon, who was inspired to write the song after his manager talked about her private battle with cancer and life threatening illness. started creating the song over a year ago. He says, "I was really blown away by the song Elephant by Jason Isbell and I'm in no way comparing this song or myself as a writer to Jason or Elephant, but it shed a perspective on cancer to me which was an inspiration in parts of Lonely. Unfortunately, my manager found out that she had the disease and she had to bravely fight it. I watched first-hand how someone who was facing this horrible journey could be, in public, so brave, and adopt a what will be will be attitude"

He goes on to say, "The thing with this disease is you can’t do anything to help, you have to stand by and watch it happen, so I started thinking about what it must be like knowing it could send you to an early grave and how lonely it must be to have to live with that thought every day, and how strong and brave you must have to be. It really must be the loneliest place in the world"

Despite the difficult subject, Landon doesn't want this to be portrayed as a sympathy song and goes on to add, "Lonely is a song written from an experience as someone who has known someone, and seen someone go through the horrendous disease that is cancer. We have all known someone, lost friends and family members and been affected by this in one way or another. This is by no means a charity record, or a pity song, its written from my view as a song writer, what it must be like to experience cancer."

With an orchestral production and melancholy steel guitar, Landon has created one of his finest singles to date with powerful imagery and vocals to stir emotions of both country lovers and mainstream audiences alike.

Lonely is released worldwide on Monday 29th June 2020 with pre-order available now on iTunes.!&app=itunes

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