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Stuart Landon's New Single 'Taking It Back'

I had the privilege of being asked to attend the launch party for this fabulous single 'Taking It Back' a couple of weeks ago. It was held in Stuart's local pub the Waggon and Horses in Arnold, Nottingham and the pub was full to overflowing. Now whether that had something to do with the fact 'The Angels With Dirty Faces' were performing or the 2 for 1 gin offer is anyone's guess. I suppose we will never know the answer to that conundrum haha.

Three 'Angels' took to the stage on this occasion. Stuart of course on vocal and lead/rhythm guitar, Neil Cook on bass and drummer Daniel Jordan who amazed me by eating a packet of crisps during his performance and not missing a single beat. When I asked him about it after the set he said it's usually a packet of bourbon biscuits. He says he needs to keep his strength up because drumming is such an energetic thing to be doing. I think it just shows the calibre of his talent.

The evening started out with some of our favourite Angels songs and then it was time for the single 'Taking It Back' to be played. I loved the song from the outset. Stuart has one of the best and most distinguished voices on the UK country scene. It is powerful with a slight rasp and he always sings everything with such passion. Having been cheated on 'Taking It Back' is about taking control of your life again after a relationship break up. Mandolin and keys dominate this lively up tempo song that just makes you want to dance along to it. Not at all depressing considering the subject of the song.

The evening then continued with a selection of self penned country songs and some classic covers which made for an absolutely fabulous evening. People were dancing, and singing along and because it was a 'single launch' event Stuart sang 'Taking It Back' for the second time in the evening just because he could, and it went down as well as it had the first time with the crowd.

I highly recommend adding this song to your music library.

You can pre-order 'Taking It Back' now on all digital platforms and it is due for release on 6th September.

If Spotify is your thing, you can pre save too:

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