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Single Review - 'What The Hell' by Hannah Paris

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

What The hell is a beautiful track that I have been watching Hannah play it solo or with the band at her various gigs over the last few years. I was looking forward to the studio release at some point if it was selected from a vast catalogue of excellent tracks.

What The Hell starts with a shot acoustic lead section before being joined by the backing of the band giving the track a real classic country vibe for the modern age, with an excellent, instantly classic guitar riff starting this track off with a bang, before it drops out and Hannah;s vocals kick in with just a kick drum backing her up for a concise section, with the lyrics "Damn I am Tired" showcasing her powerful vocals before the whole band comes back in with that classic guitar riff and perfect vocal run from Hannah “Hell yeah” ooo Hell yeah"

With the lyrics dropping in and out along with the band as well for some perfect musical moments, leading up to the main section where she is joined by the band with some seriously good pedal steel playing with an outstanding electric guitar riff running in and out. With the lead lyric kicking “what the hell” "ooo" featuring more of that pedal steel rising up and down throughout this section, with the super steady band backing giving this a classic country track sound with the lead lyrics “what the hell you hear for” kicking for one last time before the breakdown.

We then head into the breakdown of Hannah's vocals combined with a kick drum and some perfect mandolin playing with lyrics “you’re gonna get caught if you stop running dirty white lies" that give this track more of that country vibe, before that super steady full band comes kicking in, with more excellent pedal steel work rising up and down then we are treated to an excellently placed vocal run from Hannah "Oh Yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah" with more perfect mandolin and pedal steel leading into the key lyrics of this track “What The Hell You Hear For” repeated over a few times with the backing of the band being different each verse, building up the final section with an incredible vocal run from Hannah “for” to finish this stunning track off.

What the hell, another outstanding track from Hannah with real traditional sound and lyrics with a modern edge too, and Hannah's own perfect style. Think the modern Jolene. This will no doubt be a massive hit for Hannah and a timeless classic! Its the attention to detail in thetrack and all the small but perfect sounds that just create this beautiful piece of art.

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Out this Friday the 14th August.

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