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Single Review "Lonely" - Danny McMahon

“This brand new track takes the head and the heart on a sky high journey with Danny’s Vocal delivery as the unbelievably tight production keeps you grounded… just about!”

As the nights are drawing in, and the temperature drops a little further each day, Danny McMahon, the Bristol based country pop singer and songwriter, brings the fire back into our 4pm sunset’s. Lonely, the brand new single, which is available for pre-order right now, is hard hitting from the first note. Tastefully performed, produced and mastered by Danny himself, and Andrea Succi at the Puzzle Maker studios in Bristol, this brand new track takes the head and the heart on a sky high journey with Danny’s Vocal delivery as the unbelievably tight production keeps you grounded… just about!

As a writer, McMahon has a talent for painting a picture. The listener is immersed in a world of romance and imagery, which sets the them on a path to wanting the best possible outcome from the first beat in this love and attraction story. Danny sets a strong precedent for the track as his vocal cranks up the octave, and the overall energy starts rising straight during for the pre-chorus.

The scene builds in context, as does the arrangement, and at the point where we cant wait any longer, the chorus drops in with one of the most addictive lead vocal lines in country pop this year. Soaring vocal’s, overdriven guitars, and layered organ lines hit you square in the chest as we journey through a chorus full of hooks, all the while the production is anchored by a huge rock and roll back beat from Jay Cook on drums. Props to the Danny and Andrea Succi on production for this rich arrangement and for hitting all the right emotions on this track. The chorus finishes with the sensitivity of Danny’s voice shining through. Already, I cant wait for this chorus to come round again.

The second verse takes the dynamic back down for contrast, and we continue to follow the main subject’s journey through this enticing love story. I have always been a big fan of space and timing in arrangement, and this verse delivers just that with an answer to each lyrical phrase coming from the lead guitar. The pre-chorus comes back round, and as the arrangement builds, we have a moment of pure vocal magic, allowing the listener to hang in suspense before the chorus crashes back in.

As the Guitar solo drops, we are introduced to pure subtle highs and lows from Andrea’s lead guitar lines and we can sit back and enjoy the genius level instrumentation in this song, before the song is stripped right down to Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and some clever Bass Guitar movement from Tyler Spice. A personal favourite moment of the track comes around when we hear Danny’s vocal cutting through the mix, whilst Jay Cook on drums delivers an epic fill to bring us back to the chorus once more. The song rises to its peak in this last Chorus, and as it comes to an end, Danny closes out with the repetition of the last line. A perfectly understated end to a brilliantly written and arranged track.

If you would like to pre-order this cracking new single, you can do so now RIGHT HERE or, you can pre-save it on Spotify RIGHT HERE!

Don’t forget to follow Danny on all Social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and continue to join him on his journey over the coming months. His next live show is in Bristol, on the 21st of November, at The Thunderbolt. Following on from that, you can catch Danny and his full band live at Zed Alley in Bristol on the 23rd of November for the first night of the “Make Mine Country” Tour.

Go preorder this new single, you wont regret come the 23rd of November. You'll fall in love with it from the opening chord!

Elliott Joseph


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