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Single Review : Lisa Wright - Anyone

Lisa Wright an essex artist that I have been following for a few years now with stunningly emotive vocal talents and song writing craft releasese a cover of Justin Bieber's song anyone

Any one kicks off with some excellent acoustic strumming before lisa's soft and stunning vocals kick perfectly capturing the emotion of this track with excellent little vocal runs running up and down key words without me and I need to make sure your know having vocal runs be for stepping with more acoustic backing creating yet more emotion with acoustic bass and soft bongos add subtly for incredible effect perfectly backing Lisa emotive vocals the key words in this "yeah you" running on for effect before a short drop out with all coming straight back in with added half snare and then Lisa vocals stepping up a gear witch is incredible vocal style that features in a lot of her emotive tracks next there are more vocal excellent vocal runs on the key words yeah you and I need to make sure you know continuing on with acoustic backing just rising perfectly with Lisa vocals the phrase you are the only one ill ever love features an incredible bit back ground vocal panning that runs throughout the rest of this section perfectly complementing "I Gotta Tell You I gotta Tell You "it just adds another incredible layer to this track and more emotive vocals continuing this track on with the very emotive word "not anyone "drop's the track in to break down section with piano coming and out with some stunning rising harmonies building this track back up with incredible emotive effect with more of that incredible vocal panning complementing Lisa lead vocals with just the kick and percussion in full swing a hint of piano leading the fade away.

Anyone an absolutely stunning cover of Justin Bieber's song anyone with her incredible vocal style and she manages to create real emotion leading you on a journey with some perfect vocal runs at the right places and harmonies, building this stunning tack up with an excellent vocal panning for the real add emotion to the story

The Track is out now grab a copy on iTunes and lll major platforms now

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