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Single Review - Joey Clarkson - Cheating Man

Joey Clarkson - Cheating Man Surprise Single

Mini Review

cheating man kicks in with straight in the full band crashing in with super bang full drums pumping electric riff and superb breakdown sections of the whole band minus the drum and then literally crashing back in the more outstanding full band sound with parts of the lyrics enhanced by vocoder for superb effect and critical elements about the cheating man backed by perfect crashed and some fantastic electric guitar riffs with some stunning sections left to just Joey Vocals to take full power of the track.

cheating man by Joey Clarkson a powerful full lyric-driven track the perfect full band back, giving the track real power and her vocals backed up by crashes and vocoder sections but also dropping out for effect to create a stunning surprise release from Joey Clarkson out now

Joey Clarkson - Cheating Man Purchase now on all platforms

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