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Single Review - Humble and Kind By Tennessee Twin, Donna Marie , Sarah Yeo

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Humble and Kind By Tennessee Twin, Donna Marie , Sarah Yeo

A beautiful cover of Humble and Kind written by Lori McKenna and first

released by American country music singer Tim McGraw

Humble and Kind kicks off with Sarah's beautiful and soft voice

With some beautiful acoustic backing with perfect percussion joined shortly by Tennessee twin and Donna with some outstanding harmonies. Bear in mind that this release is entirely recorded at their home studios. In the next section, we are treated to an incredible part where Donna takes the lead before being joined by more of those outstanding harmonies, just wow! Building up perfectly in and out with that incredibly perfect backing track mixing in without overpowering at all their stunning vocals in the final section we are treated with small acoustic breakdown section completed with three incredible solo parts from all three artists to round this track off.

Humble and kind is a stunning acoustic cover with all three voices working in harmony together perfectly crafted by Donna at Climbing Mountain Productions

Download now for free via

Watch the incredible video edited by Geoff from Tennessee Twin

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