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Single Review : Gary Quinn - ‘Catch Me’

Gary Quinn a UK Country artist that i have been following for 4 years now and he has been involved in the scene for quit a few years clocking up and impress collection and tracks an awards

Gary Quinn - Catch me hitting in with an excellent blues notes witch feature predominantly through out the track strengthened up after a few notes by pedal steel leading to the drop of Gary’s vocals complemented by those perfect blues note hits before the eclectic guitar hits producing an epic drop in of the full band with perfect percussion all mixed in with pedal steel also piano with Gary's vocals glistening through creating an absolutely astounding build up to the drums coming in for this full band festival anthem that could have 100,000 rocking to it, that build up an layering giving you goose bump vibes when hearing live leading in to the first vocal run "crazy" ideal percussion at the right moment starting a sing along moment "Catch me Catch me Catch me" then dropping the track down for some blues riffs and pedal steel hits plus some of Gary's vocals, the ending in this breakdown section with vocals you’re "the touch bringing me home" the end word with an outstanding vocal run as its just the bare bones of vocals plus the delayed notes notes of blues and pedal steel hitting in to more of that festival full band epic sound the chord progressions building the track up with blues riffs pedal steel and more giving major emotional feelings Crazy another tremendous vocal run leading in to more rising full band sound the next vocal run "you" its supported by the lead electric solo riff that is just unbelievable it’s a full hands in the air moment for few bars before straight back into more just sublime vocals serving the full band anthemic sound leading up to the Long and excellent vocal run Crazy then the vocals Catch Me featuring the band for a few bars commencing the end fade away with more singalong opportunity’s of just vocals " Catch Me Catch Me "

Catch me is an epic full-band anthem Gary's vocals working the track to the max with excellent vocal runs and stunning chord progression intensifying the whole track up and down and full-on singalong moments from the title Catch Me Catch Me leading to an exceptional electric solo towards the end just wow looking forward to hearing this in real life at Buckle and Boots soon

Gary Quinn - ‘Catch Me’ out on June 11th pre-order on iTunes and pre-save on Spotify now.


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