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Review - 'Mistakes' by Emilia Quinn

Emilia Quinn is an Americana/Alt. country singer-songwriter based in Leeds. With her first full band release showcasing her whole other side. Her second EP is coming later in the year following on from the 2019 Debut EP Wrote Off.

Mistakes starts with heavy and catchy riff joined shortly by her powerful Americana alt, Country vocals showing off her excellent range within the first few lyrics, shortly after, she is joined by the full band kicking in with drums, percussion and fantastic electric guitar riff for the full Americana sound. With more of her excellent vocal range being shown off building up to the full energy moment with its oooo harmonies which would surely be the singalong moment at a live gig! Joined with an excellent electric guitar solo slipped in between the two sections before the breakdown of just the vocals, percussion and super catchy bass riff building up with an electric guitar in and out ever so slightly to keep you hooked in. More full-band, singalong harmonies laced with excellent electric guitar solo finishing with just that super catchy acoustic guitar riff and bass Riff.

The whole track has incredible energy with full band sound that I could easily see up there on the biggest of stages and with that acoustic guitar riff still sound just as great acoustically!

The ‘Mistakes’ single will be available from her bandcamp merch site from 30th April

Spotify and other mainstream streaming platform release dates coming soon.

(delays due to Covid-19)

Emilia Quinn

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