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Single Review: 'D.R.I.N.K' by Biddy Ronelle

Biddy Ronelle is a Derbyshire based Americana singer-songwriter who has had a stellar first year on the UK country scene. A #1 EP with Aftershocks in January 2020, a #1 single with Thrill in Summer 2020 and numerous top 10 hits and collaborations before and since, Biddy has truly cemented her place in country music. A voice akin to Kelly Clarkson and Brandi Carlisle, Biddy brings a rockier take on country music- bringing both the light and dark together to tell stories that need to be heard. Sometimes dark and twisty, sometimes light and honest but always featuring some heavy guitar shreds and astonishing vocal prowess.

The brand new single 'D.R.I.N.K.' celebrates the UK's new-found freedom as lockdown is set to list, but whilst commemorating the end of an era in this sense, also marks the finale of Biddy’s country-pop career...hailing the beginning of her foray into country-rock with her band Biddy & The Bullets.

This song is all about day drinking!” commented Biddy. “I wanted to release it on the day we are let loose from lockdown as an upbeat soundtrack for the nation’s celebrations. Ironically, I know that – pending another lockdown – D.R.I.N.K might end up being a single to drown your sorrows to instead! But I’m willing to take the risk. I have a good feeling!

An upbeat country rock track - a gracious goodbye to the 15 months that have been endured during lockdown and a reminder of the incredibly live music we got oh so used to! This song is the perfect end-to-lockdown track that will get everyone up on their feet - a festival anthem if ever there was one!! Biddy's vocals are powerful and electric, and certainly suit the country-rock sound, presenting some of her best work. Instrumentally, the heavy drumbeat and standout electric guitars provide the perfect environment for this drinking song!

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