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Single Review - Can I Have This Dance by Joey Clarkson

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Joey Clarkson an artists that I have been following for over a year and a half after her being booked for a Belles And Gals showcase.

After the first few moments you know this is gonna be another outstanding track from Joey as the lyrics and phrases in all her tracks just fit perfectly, and her tones and vocal range just hit that spot every time.

Can I Have This Dance starts with some very soft percussion backed by some beautiful pedal steel playing and violin before the lyrics kick in about her dad working hard and having cracks on his hands. There are some magical rising harmonies backed by the full soft band sound with lyrics about her dad helping and pushing through the fear.

With more lyrics in the next section about her growing up biting her nails and other bad habits, joined by some more of those magical harmonies to make this a really emotional track that any father and daughter could relate too. With more lyrics about her growing up and how dancing wasn’t her dad’s skill however he still made an effort when she was younger with the vital phrase Can I Have This Dance With more of those outstanding harmonies joining with Joey's vocals rising for the extra effect, they make this a stunning track with the band dropping in and out entirely though out with some excellent guitar playing, violin and percussion bringing the whole sound together.

Pre-save and pre order Can I Have This Dance Now out This Friday 26th June


Can I Have This Dance is a stunning emotional track from Joey to her father. I could quite easily see this played at a lot first dances with relatable lyrics and perfect musical timing for a First Dance.

Another outstanding track from joey her lyrics and phrases in all her tracks just fit perfectly, and her tones vocal range just hit that spot every time.

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